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October 2019

With Christmas just around the corner now is the best time to implement a holiday eating season survival guide. Dr Simoné shares with us her top 5 survival guide tips and the launch of the new Rejuv online shop (where you'll find the 'Party Pack' mentioned in this article). With Christmas parties already booked in the diary now is the best time to implement a holiday survival guide. Most of us will tend to overindulge with food or drinks. So to combat blood sugar surges, weight gain, toxic liver & digestive overload Dr Simoné has invented her ‘Rejuv Party Pack’ and has listed her 5 top tips on how to survive the holiday eating season. If you tend to get stressed over Christmas due to excessive physical toxins or emotional toxic situations that both can lead to increased cortisol levels and therefore belly fat, so it's wise to add in adrenal support with breakfast and lunch over the 2 week holiday period. We all know nothing is better than abstaining but if you do choose to overindulge at least you have a plan to help ‘lessen the blow’! 1. Plan your holiday eating - what (and when) to EAT this Christmas  This is a wonderful

Nothing worse than suffering from insomnia & sleep disorder! Dr Simone unpacks many of the causes and her 10 top tips to combat this problem.   How to beat insomnia & sleep disorder Anyone who has ever had sleep problems or suffered from jet lag knows how debilitating poor sleep can be. Whether it is difficulty trying to fall asleep, broken sleep or waking up after a good length of sleep still feeling exhausted, all can negatively affect your quality of life. Since we spend about a third of our lives sleeping it is important that we get this right so that the time we spend awake is as joyful and satisfying as possible. How insomnia & sleep disorder impacts your life A study carried out by Dr Francesco Cappuccio and colleagues from the University of Warwick and University of Naples Medical School reported that subjects who regularly slept less than 6 hours a night had an increased risk of death by 12%. Sleep was designed so we could detox and repair from the day we have just had. Sleep has a direct impact on our physical and emotional health. Even if you are super healthy you will still produce internal pollution, called free radicals, from