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December 2021

I pray that you are all well and enjoying this holiday season. To add to your festive cheer, I've created this Chocolate Mint Bliss Ball recipe that is low in sugar, has a low GI and is delicious! You can also spice up with a bit of rum if you feel so inclined.  I wish you all love, joy, peace and good health for 2022. Lots of love, Simoné & The Rejuv Team Chocolate Mint Bliss Balls Ingredients ½ cup virgin coconut oil½ cup cocoa5 drops food-grade

5 ways to support your mental well-being by dialling down your triggers and supporting mind-body balance. Many find the holiday season fun and relaxing but for others, it is a time when you see family members that can cause pain and trigger all sorts of negative emotions. Plan Your Response - Don't React! Your thoughts and emotions directly affect your health and that is why it is vital to get your thoughts in order and choose to respond rather than react. We

We're currently in Australia and although it is spring it is very wet and cold so it's important to be intentional in how to keep your immune system strong. In fact, we have seen more rain in a month than we have seen in Dubai for 6 years! So regardless if you are in the northern or southern hemisphere, particularly in these current times, it’s imperative to boost your immune system and sew in now, so you stay strong and

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