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April 2022

Skin acne can be a result of internal issues such as parasite and candida overgrowth or emotional imbalances, particularly brought on by stress. Your skin is your biggest organ, so it needs to be nourished like all of your internal organs. The skin has to deal with direct exposure to our environments each day from pollution, sun, toxic chemicals and nasty additives from our hygiene products & sunblock. How your skin looks and feels directly reflects your inner world, so getting

Reset Your Gut Using Lunar Cycles Did you maybe overdo it in the Easter holidays and have a few too many chocolate eggs? Or perhaps you’ve had gut and IBS symptoms for a while and never really go to the root cause?  There will be an eclipse and a full moon in the next few weeks, this is a potent time to start a Full Moon Parasite Cleanse to reset your gut microbiome.  By incorporating the lunar cycle, you can achieve the

Hormone Balancing can be done by what you eat and digest. This is great news as your hormones are directly affected by your diet. Foods to Avoid Eating foods high in sugar, refined carbohydrates, hormone-laden animal protein and dairy and excessive alcohol all cause huge blood sugar fluctuations and can easily upset your hormonal balance. Such disruptions can lead to the onset of girls getting their period very early, PMS, fertility issues, early onset of menopause and excessive menopause symptoms. Superfoods to

A hormonal imbalance will affect you from PMS to Infertility to Menopause and everything in between, hormones can make us feel like life is enjoyable and beautiful or dark and challenging. Regardless of age, you’ll always feel well when your hormones are in balance. It is often said ‘happy wife, happy life’, but I would take that one step further and say happy hormones, happy life! Teenage boys and men also suffer from hormonal imbalance, so I have shared below eight of my

Because of the Easter Holidays and many of us having our kids at home on school holidays, I want to share a fast and delicious recipe. I find baked fish so easy, and I love Sea Bass or Sea Bream, for they are the perfect size to feed two people each. Fresh fish is high in essential amino acids and minerals such as potassium, selenium and magnesium, helping to balance all of your 11 systems. I always prefer small, wild,

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