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June 2022

Obesity is associated with chronic inflammation, and there is a genetic link to excess fat accumulation. Fear not; thanks to the pioneering work in epigenetics and trailblazers such as Dr Bruce Lipton, your lifestyle choices allow those genes to either express and turn on or stay turned off. Therefore, this puts you back into the driver’s seat of your health, so you can combat inflammation and obesity and prevent disease. Overeating food with added sugar and refined carbohydrates causes inflammation in

Researchers have found links between chronic inflammation and all major diseases, both physical and mental. Inflammation is a critical factor for your overall health as it can have an impact on: painbone health obesity gut function heart health liver function brain, memory & cognition immune responsefertility hormonal regulation

Metabolism is such a minefield of a topic, but there are scientific ways to boost metabolism. There are so many myths and opinions that it can leave you feeling very confused and overwhelmed. This blog unpacks good, sound, scientific facts behind boosting metabolism. Do you feel you have hit a rut, and things that once worked no longer give you the same results? Have you tried everything and still feel out of sorts? Maybe you have had long-co-vid or

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