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July 2022

The body's lymphatic system needs to flow like a river. The lymphatic flow means we avoid pools of toxic buildup like stagnant smelly water that we sometimes see in nature. A sluggish lymphatic system makes you more prone to water retention, weight gain, cellulite and fatigue. It can also lead to sore joints, lowered immune system and mood disorders. Frustration, depression, irritability, and general feelings of heaviness are not unusual. With so much change over the last few years many

By incorporating the lunar cycle, you can achieve the most thorough cleansing of parasites, candida, fungus and bacteria overgrowth. This is because over a full moon, serotonin levels go up, and melatonin levels go down, supporting parasite reproduction.A parasite cleanse is the best way to do a thorough parasite and candida/fungus cleanse as it’s a time of heightened parasite reproduction.Dr Simone Laubscher, PhD on the KORA Organics website In her latest guest KORA Organics blog post, Dr Simone covers: HOW TO REMOVE PARASITE EGGS

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