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Every day, we build up and carry a toxic load and sleep is key to allow our nervous system to rest and detoxify.  Sleep supports your immune system, preventing illness, disease and premature ageing. Poor quality or limited sleep on a regular basis is linked to poor immune function. An interesting study by Prather in NCBI in 2015, revealed that adults who regularly slept less than six hours per night were almost five times more likely to get a cold

There are 7 Pillars of Wellness, and one of the most neglected ones is your Environmental Health Pillar. Our body thrives on negative ions from the earth and nature, but our 21st-century lives are very much inside. Homes, offices, schools, shops are all full of positive ions from electrical circuits and devices.  The list is long and it includes WiFi, Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF), PCB’s, Dioxins, outgassing of our carpets and furniture, round up sprayed on our food, toxins in our

Nothing worse than suffering from insomnia & sleep disorder! Dr Simone unpacks many of the causes and her 10 top tips to combat this problem. How to beat insomnia & sleep disorder Anyone who has ever had sleep problems or suffered from jet lag knows how debilitating poor sleep can be. Whether it is difficulty trying to fall asleep, broken sleep or waking up after a good length of sleep still feeling exhausted, all can negatively affect your quality of life. Since