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5 ways to support your mental well-being by dialling down your triggers and supporting mind-body balance. Many find the holiday season fun and relaxing but for others, it is a time when you see family members that can cause pain and trigger all sorts of negative emotions. Plan Your Response - Don't React! Your thoughts and emotions directly affect your health and that is why it is vital to get your thoughts in order and choose to respond rather than react. We

You need to understand how different foods affect your blood sugar levels based on each food's Glycemic Index (GI) to prevent diabetes.  Bad Dietary Practices Can Increase the Risk of Diabetes All foods have a GI rating up to 100, and the higher the rating, the more that food spikes your blood sugar levels, increasing your risk of diabetes. Foods with a high GI that increase the risk of diabetes include sugar, white bread, white flour, white rice, potato and fast foods

It’s that time of year again when we embark on our Rejuv Wellness Seasonal Cleanse. October is a perfect time as the seasons are changing and this facilitates the body’s natural ability to cleanse and restore. I have had so many patients this month really struggling with slow metabolism and feeling quite stuck both mentally and physically. A combination of some rich foods and drinks over the holidays and huge stress in these unusual times is making many feel wobbly

If you feel like you need a reset and want to finish the year strong you can join us for a 30 day seasonal cleanse and reset. We always do this over 30 days and through a full moon lunar cycle so we get a good parasite cleanse. You can choose any month that works for you but always start 1 week before the full moon. See a full moon calendar here to plan your next Full Moon Parasite Cleanse.  The next

The ocean has many healing benefits for both the mind and body. Seawater stimulates our bodies and promotes the feeling of well-being. This article (originally published on the KORA Organics Blog) unpacks the seven healing benefits of seawater.  As a family, we spend time in the ocean as medicine at least twice a week. Particularly over the last year, homeschooling and working from home has been a fantastic way to shake off the day, reduce stress, and connect with nature. Thousands of

The Rejuv Wellness Water is an infusion with lemon, lime, ginger, cucumber, cinnamon & mint leaves. It helps hydrate your body and brain at a cellular level! The Rejuv Wellness Water help you hydrate and detox, and the added cinnamon has a powerful effect to balance your blood sugar levels to reduce appetite and carb cravings. A study by Khan Et al. from the American Diabetes Association concluded that taking 1, 3, or 6 g of cinnamon per day reduces serum glucose,

Your thoughts and emotions directly affect your health. This is why healthy thoughts are essential. We now know from the study of epigenetics and the brilliant work of Dr Bruce Lipton that every thought you have affects you at a cellular level. As humans, we consist of around 50 trillion cells. Our thoughts affect all of our cells, organs, and 11 systems, which in turn can either support us to be well or increase inflammation and potentially make us sick. {

Our bodies perform a natural detox by design. That’s what the liver, the colon, and so many other organs and processes are programmed to do. However, in today’s modern world, toxins are freakin’ everywhere, all the time. Post-holiday, we’re all looking for a little extra help cleaning up our act (hello wine, cocktails, and treats). Support Your Natural Body Detox Here's a list of my favourite ten herbs and plants you can eat to support your natural body detox.   Garlic  “Garlic is so wonderful

For November (2020), we have decided to give you a free pot of Para Cleanse with the order of any Rejuv Wellness Pack to support your health & wellness goals. Para Cleanse is a broad-spectrum gastrointestinal cleanse and detoxification formula, designed to support a balanced lower digestive tract and protect against internal parasites, worms and other harmful micro-organisms. This supplement a range of tried and tested herbs and concentrated foods to support digestive tract health, in an easy-to-take capsule form.