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5 ways to support your mental well-being by dialling down your triggers and supporting mind-body balance. Many find the holiday season fun and relaxing but for others, it is a time when you see family members that can cause pain and trigger all sorts of negative emotions. Plan Your Response - Don't React! Your thoughts and emotions directly affect your health and that is why it is vital to get your thoughts in order and choose to respond rather than react. We

We're currently in Australia and although it is spring it is very wet and cold so it's important to be intentional in how to keep your immune system strong. In fact, we have seen more rain in a month than we have seen in Dubai for 6 years! So regardless if you are in the northern or southern hemisphere, particularly in these current times, it’s imperative to boost your immune system and sew in now, so you stay strong and

I love to incorporate soups all year round and especially this year I've regularly cooked my granny's immune-boosting soup! It's great for evening meals in particular, as the body particularly wants warm foods in the evening. Have you heard the saying ‘nothing after raw after 4’? This is because after a long day of digesting, by the time it gets to the evening your digestive system needs a little support and having warm meals this supports your digestion, thus boosting

If you feel like you need a reset and want to finish the year strong you can join us for a 30 day seasonal cleanse and reset. We always do this over 30 days and through a full moon lunar cycle so we get a good parasite cleanse. You can choose any month that works for you but always start 1 week before the full moon. See a full moon calendar here to plan your next Full Moon Parasite Cleanse.  The next

Your thoughts and emotions directly affect your health. This is why healthy thoughts are essential. We now know from the study of epigenetics and the brilliant work of Dr Bruce Lipton that every thought you have affects you at a cellular level. As humans, we consist of around 50 trillion cells. Our thoughts affect all of our cells, organs, and 11 systems, which in turn can either support us to be well or increase inflammation and potentially make us sick. {

The fifth of the 7 Pillars of Wellness is mindfulness, to build mental resilience. Mental resilience is a state of wellbeing in which every individual realises his or her potential, can cope with the everyday stresses of life, work productively, and contribute to her or his community. However, achieving this can be easier said than done and requires constant effort and commitment every day. We generally recommend our clients to establish habits of mindfulness like the following: Keep a gratitude