December Supplement Deals
December Supplement Deals

Our Dashing December Deals continue...

Dare to Dream of a Different Decade starting in 2021 with these December Deals for you: 

  • Buy any Gift Card at 80% of the card value (until December 31 or while stock lasts).
  • Save 20% on all Rejuv Wellness Packs compared to buying the individual products, and you get a full protocol and meal plan with the pack.
  • Get a 10 Point Health Analysis and Urine Dipstick Test Kit for free with any order (valued at £45).

Our plant-based whole-foods supplements contain no synthetic ingredients. Your body will thank you for using supplements; it can easily absorb to repair your health.

Save 20% On Our New Gift Cards

December is a good month to be generous! Give one of these and we will also send a Urine Test Kit to help you or your recipient select their supplements...

FREE: You get a 10 Point Health Analysis and Urine Dipstick Test Kit with any order (valued at £45). The test results will give you insights into what your body really needs!

Urine Test Kit 10 Point UTK Consultation for a naturopathic protocol with Dr Simone Laubscher