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festive season Christmas health hacks

With Christmas and the festive season on its way, now is the best time to implement a holiday season health plan so you can have fun and enjoy some treats, without bringing your health undone. 

This year we won’t be having any grand parties, but we will still be connecting with close friends and family and enjoy some holiday treats. 2020 has been an unusual year and now more than ever we have learnt to give thanks for all we have and to hold our loved ones close.

We have also seen the immense value of health, and there are lots of ways we can support our health and still indulge in yummy Christmas delicacies.

When we indulge in treats our blood sugar levels spike for foods high in sugar, white flour or white potato have a high glycemic index (GI), and these tend to be the main ingredients of fun holiday foods). Alcohol also has varying GI ratings, so I have compiled some top tips of how you can literally have your cake and eat it (or drink it) too.

Stress and emotional toxins can also significantly impact your digestion, and immune systems as Christmas can also trigger us with past or current family issues. The pressure can lead to increased cortisol and adrenaline levels, linked to increased belly fat, heartburn and other digestive problems.

So be mindful, take a breath, count to 10, remove yourself from a stressful situation, don’t drink too much alcohol and decide just for today. I will choose to respond and not react.

My Top 5 Festive Season Health Hacks

Here are my top 5 tips on how to enjoy this festive season and maintain your health and not have all the ‘wheels fall off your trolley’.

1. Combine Low & High GI 

The festive season is a beautiful time to celebrate with friends and family and give thanks for all we have. So instead of trying to limit yourself all the time, give yourself two days for Christmas and two days for New Year for fun holiday eating. Let your hair down and enjoy, but by planning your diary this way, you will have four days of fun instead of a 4-week landslide!

The Glycemic Index GI

Combine the high GI with lower GI foods and drinks to combat blood sugar surges and keep yourself more balanced. For example, if you want to have roasted white potatoes have this with organic turkey, salmon or a nut loaf. If you fancy a Christmas pud then have a handful of nuts on the side for the added protein will level you out and reduce the ‘carb coma’ feeling after a sugary treat. Also what you nibble on can make or break how your body responds so choose olives, nuts, hummus & crudités in addition to the crisps or canapés.

When it comes to the alcohol, white wine, beer and sugary cocktails are high GI, so dry red wine, rosé wine, dry champagne, sparkling wine and spirits are better. Keep in mind; spirits are harder on the liver, so moderation is always ideal. Note if you are going to be around someone who triggers you please limit alcohol for as emotions go up intelligence goes down, and when we add in alcohol, we can react or say things we can regret so be mindful.

2. Add Intermittent Fasting

With potential excess more likely for brunches, lunches and dinners start your day with 500ml of water with lemon & ginger and swap out breakfast each day for a green juice.

An example of a green juice I love is 300ml of celery, cucumber, romaine lettuce, lemon & lime plus 200ml water + 2 teaspoons of Super Greens powder such as Rejuv or The WelleCo. Super Elixir. Try to leave at least 12 hours in-between your last meal at night and your next meal the next day. 

Your green juice and water with lemon will not break your fast for they are less than 40 calories so this gives your system a chance to do a mini cleanse each morning and bombard your cells with extra nutrition. It is the perfect detox before you re-tox with rich food and drinks during the day, allowing you to move through the holiday season with minimal damage to your system.

Enjoy the festive season holidays, have fun, maintain and then embrace your detox in January. 

Drink a protein smoothie If you know your lunch will be late. The protein will help you fight the temptation to eat too many decadent nibbles. Mix our vegan Rejuv or WelleCo protein powders with 350ml of unsweetened plant milk. Add 3 Rejuv Blood Sugar Support Capsules for some extra superpowers!

3. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Overeating and over-drinking will make you dehydrated so do yourself a favour and have 2-3L of water & or herbal teas per day, your liver & 50 trillion cells will LOVE you for it. Drinking enough water will not only flush out toxins but also help reduce appetite and cravings.

4. Move Your Body This Festive Season

Stagnation will make us feel worse if we overindulge so whether it is a brisk walk, a session at the gym, a bounce on your home trampoline or rebounder or a great dance around the house (as if no one is watching), choose to move. Not after a big meal of course but the key is to prepare the body before the onslaught of holiday delicacies this festive season.

I decide to move my body each morning even just for 20 minutes on my home exercise bike, or online class for this really does set you up to win and keeps constipation at bay too.  

My dear friend and WelleCo business partner Elle Macpherson told me years ago she moves her body each day and I have embraced this habit and it has changed my life. If it’s good enough for ‘The Body’, it is good enough for me!

5. Get Your Rejuv Party Pack 

It’s no secret I love my wine, good food and fun treats on weekends. No guilt just a choice of a balanced life. With that in mind, I formulated my Rejuv Party Pack so I could support my digestive, lymphatic, detox and immune systems and keep my blood sugar levels balanced too. This pack includes:

  • Liver Support Capsules to support your detox pathways.
  • Digestive Support Capsules to give your digestive system the help it needs to cut through fatty foods.
  • Water Flo to support your lymphatic system, reduce water retention and belly bloat.
  • Immune Restore Capsules to prevent your immune system from becoming impaired with excess toxins form food and alcohol.

If you are to have a potentially stressful time over the holidays, I would also add in our Adrenal Complex Capsules to keep you balanced with our adaptogenic herbs to help your body process stress. Suppose you feel your metabolism can take a beating over the holidays, add in the Thermo Metabolic Support or Green Coffee Burn Capsules to keep your metabolism working so. In that case, I can enjoy myself and not gain a pound. 

Here’s what to do if you do plan to have some extra alcohol this festive season:

Following these steps helps your body hoover up those extra toxins and limit your chances of a hangover!

See our online shop to get your Party Pack (saves you 20% compared to buying the individual products) and the Rejuv Adrenal Complex.

To bless you this Christmas we have decided to give you a FREE 10 point Urine Test Kit (valued at £45) for both physical orders and if you buy a Rejuv Wellness Gift Card for a loved one.

We wish you all a blessed Christmas & New Year!





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