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Seasonal Cleanse

It’s that time of year again when we embark on our Rejuv Wellness Seasonal Cleanse. October is a perfect time as the seasons are changing and this facilitates the body’s natural ability to cleanse and restore.

I have had so many patients this month really struggling with slow metabolism and feeling quite stuck both mentally and physically. A combination of some rich foods and drinks over the holidays and huge stress in these unusual times is making many feel wobbly and out of control.

If you feel like you need a reset and want to finish the year strong you can join us for a 30-day seasonal cleanse and reset.

We always do this over 30 days and through a full moon lunar cycle so we benefit from a good parasite cleanse. The next full moon is the 20th of October so as long as you start 1 week before that you will have a good result. Join us from the 12th of October!

You can choose any month that works for you but always start 1 week before the full moon. See a full moon calendar here to plan your next Full Moon Parasite Cleanse

Choose your reset pack from the options below and order this week to get it in time! Once you’ve decided to join us, request to join our FREE Rejuv Wellness Facebook group we can further support and encourage you along the way!

All packs come with a full wellness plan to support your 7 Pillars of Wellness

  • Option 1: This option is a mini detox to help you lose a few pounds using our Metabolism Reset Pack.
  • Option 2: This is for those who want to do a more thorough cleanse for both mind and body. Order our Gut-Brain Reset Pack to get you started!
  • Option 3: Combine both goals above with the 30-Day Reset Program to lose weight and cleanse mind and body! This is my choice for my 30-day Seasonal Cleanse. 

For more supportive insights, see my blog 8 Tips for a Successful Cleanse to Upscale Your Health or if you want to learn more about the Full Moon Parasite Cleanse read this blog

Not sure where to start? Take our FREE Wellness Quiz to analyse the state of each one of your Seven Pillars of Wellness!


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