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Liver Flush Detox Emotions

This week I want to talk to you about the emotional aspect of doing our Rejuv Seasonal Cleanse and liver flush. Because liver flush detox emotions is a real thing. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the emotion attached to the liver is anger. This is why it’s common to feel extra irritable and to have anger surface during a detox.

Our detox will also mobilise parasites and fungus and due to the die-off effect, you can also feel irritable and angry. this passes within a few days or you may find you feel low-level irritability over the month of our flush or seasonal cleanse.

The point is to make you aware of this so you know it’s normal, it’s a good healing effect and as they say better out than in!

So be kind to yourself and embrace this journey. Sometimes sadness or overwhelm can bubble up too, whatever you are feeling is ok and each emotion is valid. If you need to cry the trust the process.


Primal scream therapy is also great where you think about a stressful situation & wait till you can feel the emotion in your mind and body …right into your nervous system & then you grab a pillow and scream for as long as you can! You repeat this 3 times building on that emotion each time. At first, some of my patients have trouble getting their first scream out but in time you will find your trapped emotions will indeed get released.

So in essence do the physical work and allow the seasonal cleanse or liver flush detox emotions to be released, don’t feel them coming to the surface and push them down. that is why we say respect the process and be kind to allow you to move into a healing flow.

According to Chinese Medicine, we all have a specific clock with emotions attached to our organs that cycle through time each day. this can also be the reason why we wake up during the night at certain times for that organ and associated emotion needs healing. The best way to balance out anger is to console it and understand it. This may cause sadness, however, that is a great start, because you’re moving in the direction of anger reduction.

There are 7 emotions we differentiate between in Chinese medicine. It is important to know that organs have strong relationships with one another, so if one is affected, the others are too.

If you are struggling with sleep please read “Sleep Well, Rest & Detoxify” or “How to Beat Insomnia & Sleep Disorder” and keep a sleep journal to track what time your tend to go to sleep/wake up so we can support you further.

For more help with this reach out to us, we would be honoured to help you on your complete wellness journey, both mind and body.



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