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Liver Flush Cleanse Health

Are you looking after your liver? As the rules for quarantine are slowly relaxing many are coming out of this season feeling sluggish, bloated, irritable & having gained weight. Inflammation seems to be at an all-time high and mental and emotional health also out of balance.

NOW is the best time to have a good seasonal cleanse and get your health back into optimum so you can look and feel your best. Scroll down for my top 10 tips to cleanse your liver, boost your metabolism and get lean. 

You may not have holidays booked, but we can use this time as a gift to ourselves and rebirth if you like to connect with who you want to be and what you want your health to look like. If we allow ourselves, we can use this time to reset our lives on all levels.

Your liver is such a magnificent forgiving organ and is one of the fastest organs to regenerate and heal. If you get your liver in order, it will have a considerable impact on your mental and physical health. 

Your liver has several vital functions, it:

  • cleanses your blood to reduce infections
  • creates ketones to help produce energy at a cellular level
  • helps with blood clotting 
  • supports thyroid by helping convert T4 into T3 
  • assists in the utilisation of amino acids in the body
  • produces bile and works with the gallbladder to help the body digest fats
  • assists in fat burning 
  • vital for the metabolism of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates 
  • converts toxins from the things we eat, drink, breathe or put on our skin so our body can expel them through our sweat, urine & stools.


When I determine a patient’s unique fat loss formula, I take into consideration the fuel vs function debate. For years I have treated patients who came to me miserable having cut out all fun foods in their diet and still not having reached their goals. This happens when you reduce your calorie intake to a level where you go into a degree of starvation, which in turn slows your metabolisms down.

The other side of the coin to crack your fat loss formula is to look at the function of your metabolism. Most of my patients have a slow metabolism when I meet them. After having eating disorders in the past, I understand a slow, dormant metabolism. In addition to determining the right nutritional program for each patient, I help them reset their metabolism by using Rejuv Nutrition Supplements.

I tailor make a selection of supplements to boost metabolism and balance blood sugar levels based on each patient’s needs. Doing this turns down your appetite, and helps you stay clear of old food habits that used to bring you undone. You must take fuel (diet) and function into consideration for you to have long term success with staying lean and in optimum health. Our Liver Support Capsules support the function of both your liver & gallbladder.

My ethos is to get you to a healthy metabolism that is functioning well, support digestion and absorption and all the 11 systems of the body. If you are performing well, you can have more fun with your diet and literally have your cake and eat it too.

If you keep on eliminating food groups from your diet, you will end up with only fish and lettuce on your plate, feeling miserable and probably not reaching your health goals anyway. 

FAST RESULTS to MINIMISE SUFFERING and support your liver functions

The best option is to support function and then add in good clean lifestyle eating habits so you get quick results and you minimise suffering! At Rejuv, we are anti-suffering, and most patients come back a few weeks after the first session and comment how easy their plan was and how most of their symptoms have gone, that is music to our ears.

It is essential to eat the right foods for you and to get your body absorbing your food and for your metabolism to convert the calories you eat into a good level of usable energy.

If you are not sure of where to start with your diet, see my 30-Day Health Reset Pack as a good kickstart towards a healthy metabolism to detoxify your liver and to reset your overall health.

My Top 10 Tips on How to Cleanse Your Liver, Boost Your Metabolism & Get Lean

1. Eat Clean, Increase Greens & Add More Good Fats

Eat more plants (especially green veggies). Add a wild protein such as line-caught fish (smaller the better). Make sure you include good fats such as avocado, olives and coconut oil to balance your blood sugar, support fat burning and reduce appetite.

Keep your treats to one meal a week; this will keep your metabolism in check but also allow you to psychologically stay strong during the week knowing that you will have your reward on the weekend. Since we win the game in the mind, the best is always balance over abstinence.

Your liver, metabolism and overall health love veggie juices too and as part of my daily routine, I have a pint green juice each morning with celery, romaine lettuce, lemon, lime, ginger. I rotate in grapefruit, beetroot, blueberries, bitter melon, prickly pear and bitter melon for your liver loves these foods and they are great for fat burning too.

Your body also needs a good daily dose of chlorophyll which is the green photosynthetic pigment found in green plants to reduce acidic wastes and inflammation which clog up your liver and cause weight gain. I fast track this and add 2 teaspoons of our Rejuv Super Greens or the Supergreens I formulated for Welleco, The Super Elixir, to my green juice each morning.

2. Start Your Day With Detox Water  

Start your day with a kick by having a pint of water plus the juice of 1/2 a lemon, half teaspoon of grated ginger, 1-2 pinches of cayenne pepper + 1 teaspoon of fresh aloe vera inner leaf or 30ml aloe vera juice.

Drink 2-3 litres of water per day to hydrate your 50 trillion cells keeping them like big fat healthy grapes instead of dried up raisins, allowing goodness to flow in & junk to be removed. Doing this takes the pressure off all the systems of the body, detoxes the liver, thus boosting your metabolism.

3. Add Thermogenic Herbs

Thermogenic herbs warm your system up & therefore boost your metabolism by eating more chilli, cayenne pepper, garlic, turmeric, ginger & green tea. Add garlic and onions to at least once meal to per day and choose cloudy apple cider vinegar or lemon juice over regular vinegar to support your liver and gallbladder function and therefore fat burning too.

Try our Rejuv Thermo Metabolic Support and Green Coffee Burn to fast track your metabolic reset.

5. Increase Your Fibre Intake

Fibre will not only keep you feeling full but also feed your good bacteria by providing prebiotics for your gut. The more good bacteria you have, the more healthy foods you crave and visa versa so this is key in any long term metabolic reset success. Fibre also creates faecal bulk in your intestines helping to draw out toxic waste in your liver and colon so you can expel them in your stool.

6. Cut The Sugar

Kill the candida and starve out toxic parasites by cutting our sugar for the sugar is the prefered food for candida, fungus & parasites which make you feel physically and mentally weak and overwhelmed, make you crave and as a result gain weight. This is why in our Rejuv Packs & Protocols we always address gut and microbiome health. See our candida & fungus blog for more information. 

7. Move & Breathe More

Interval training – it is not enough to go for a walk if you want to give your metabolism a good kick. Instead, try doing intervals from medium to very hard such as walk for 4 minutes & sprint for 1 minute, do this for 30 minutes, building up to 45 minutes over time.

Your breathing technique is another essential skill, and you can use yoga or specific breathing techniques like Wim Hoff, which support your health at a cellular level, reducing stress hormones and body fat. Laughter & singing is also great to oxygenate your body.

8. Chew Your Food

Help your gut – sounds obvious but chew your food around 20 times per mouthful to support digestion & reduce stagnation. Doing this will also help you feel full for it takes about 20 minutes for your gut to speak to your brain to say you are full and many overeat not giving their brain time to read how full you are. Limit liquids to maximum 200ml per meal to not dilute your stomach acids.

9. De-Stress To Help Your Liver

Living in a stressed state puts your body into emergency mode (fight or flight) which exhausts your adrenals, prevents your body from healing and produces more cortisol which acts like a fat magnet making you hold body fat, just in case this was a real life-threatening danger and this body fat would protect you from famine. That is the reason this stress response was created to protect us from danger but your brain can’t distinguish if your stress is work or relationship related or if indeed a real threat and you need to ‘fight the tiger or take flight and run up a tree’ to save your life.

Staying present in today and not stressing about yesterday or tomorrow is critical.

Stress hormones significantly reduce fat burning capacity and overall health so stay in gratitude and each day spend 5-10 minutes feeling in your nervous system what it is like to be in optimum health, mind, body and spirit. Hence, you train yourself in heart & mind coherence.

10. Do a Liver Flush

Twice a year as part of my bi-annual seasonal cleanse, I do a liver flush and I’m getting ready to do one in August. See our blogs below on how to do the liver flushing and I will be reporting back if anyone would like to join us this year.

It is imperative to start with part 1 of my Rejuv Liver Flush protocol to soften the gallstones to allow for a pain-free experience. Once done, you can do part two with or without Epsom salts based on if you had time to do the recommended 6-Day Liver Cleanse. You’ll need honey, lemons, water, lemon or grape juice, olive oil and Epsom salts to support the body’s release of gallstones. Don’t forget to set aside time for recovery after your liver and gallbladder flush.

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