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Every year as the seasons change we always suggest doing a seasonal cleanse.

To make this easier for you can choose from one of our packs which comes with a full wellness plan to support your 7 Pillars of Wellness.

You’ll find all our Packs on this page in the Shop.

If you’re not sure where to start do one of our Urine Test Kits or get yourself some insight and guidance – jump onto our website to Complete Your Free Wellness Quiz so we can fast track your health.

Don’t forget an essential part of any wellness program is hydration. I always recommend using filtered water and to choose a water filter with nanotechnology to give you maximum hydration at a cellular level.

Hydration at A Cellular Level

You can order the TheraH2O Water Purification Pitcher from Therasage with a 10% discount if you order them via the links in the Rejuv Wellness Shop.

Their Jugs are Portable and require no installation whereas their countertop filtration system does require a little bit more work, but has the extra convenience of direct access to filtered water from the tap. You won’t believe the taste!


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