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Why do we need a regular gut-brain reset? There is a labyrinth of around 100 million neurons edging our gut that is so vast some scientists have nicknamed it our “2nd brain”.

This abundance of neurons is called the enteric nervous system and has more neurons than our peripheral nervous system and produces more serotonin (our happy hormone) than our actual brain.

This is why the gut-brain connection is key in sustaining good health and limiting disease.

Gut Parasite Cleanse

A regular Gut-Brain Reset is essential for most people, as most of us have both fungus, worms and parasites in our gut. It’s vital for your health to do a parasite cleanse 1-2 times a year and to re-set your microbiome and your gut-brain axis so you live well both mentally and physically.

Gut-Brain Reset: Detox To Get Rid of Parasites

Over more than 20 years in our clinics, we have witnessed many patient’s lives radically changed by resetting their gut and transforming their microbiome, not only to bring about physical healing but emotional and mental wellbeing too with depression and anxiety falling away and many patients now being off all of his depression and anxiety medications. With more serotonin produced in your gut than your brain it really is key to keep this gut-brain axis functioning at optimum so live with vitality well into our senior years.

The Right Balance of Good to Bad Bacteria

When your microbiome has the right balance of good to bad bacteria the immune system has the tools it needs to fight infection and keep us well. It’s not about being perfect but simply maintaining this balance. Having fun, a free meal on weekends, relaxing and having some rich foods and drinks on holidays etc are all part of a balanced life.

It is just when we have more toxic habits (both mentally and physically) than nourishing habits that the body can get out of balance not being able to cope with disease when it occurs. This is why twice a year with the major season changes it is great to do a gut-brain re-set so you are always supporting the body’s ability to heal itself and to keep disease at bay.

Gut-Brain Reset: Open up Your Detox Pathways

To do a thorough gut-brain re-set you need to first open up your detox pathways so your liver, gallbladder and lymphatic systems can release toxins, then you need to support your colon & full digestive tract (from your mouth to your bottom) so that your body can allow easily allow the removal of toxic load.

Kill Off Parasites, Bacteria & Fungus

Next, you need to use anti-bacterial herbs to kill off the worms, parasites, bacteria and fungus and support the colon with insoluble fibre such as psyllium husks closely married in with L-Glutamine to heal leaky gut.

Specific herbs, like in our Rejuv Brain support, are required to allow the gut-brain axis to communicate effectively and last but not least you need to inoculate and restore your entire digestive system with all the essential probiotics needed and their preferred food source such as inulin from chicory.

This reset is well worth doing but all of the above steps need to be followed so that you don’t end up detoxing and the body is unable to handle this toxic load which therefore creates a healing crisis and worse for you than detoxing in the first place.

VIDEOS: How to Clean Your Gut From Bacteria

Here are some recent videos where Simone Laubscher is unpacking the science behind the Gut-Brain connection further.

Supplements to Support Gut-Brain Reset

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