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Saadiyat Island Rejuv Health Reset Retreat

The Saadiyat Island Health Reset Retreat is another bespoke wellness retreat created by Dr Simoné to reset your health, targeting your gut-brain axis, a vital part to all of our health. We focus on nurturing and resetting all of the 11 systems in your body including your nervous, endocrine/metabolic, skeletal, muscular, integumentary, circulatory, cardiac, respiratory, reproductive, lymphatic and digestive.

Location: Saadiyat Island, Rotana Resort, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Dates: 23rd-28th of February 2020

The focus of the Saadiyat Island Rejuv Health Reset Retreat is specifically to reset the function of your gut, to clear out all fungus, candida, parasites, bacteria, to heal leaky gut, IBS (wind, bloating, constipation etc) and by resetting the gut-brain axis targeting depression, anxiety and optimum mood balance. Research has shown that more serotonin is produced in the gut than the brain so it is essential to reset this gut-brain axis to shift one into optimum physical and mental health.

On arrival, you will have a full-body scan with Dr Simoné to assess what are your main stressors and your key balancers to focus on for that week. Your specific wellness goals will also be incorporated to provide the ultimate, scientific mind and body protocol that your body needs as your unique reset protocol, for this current moment in your life.

In addition to this retreat, you will leave with a wellness plan to take back and implement into your life from optimum nutrition for your metabolic type, de- tress techniques, tools to reduce environmental exposure of ESMOG & WiFi and mind-body reset techniques that can be easily implemented each week. Practical and effective protocols unique to your lifestyle requirements.

Rejuv provides the highest-quality offerings that rewire your mindset and physical body to support more beneficial habits. Weight loss and healthy weight maintenance is natural using this approach and also more likely to be sustained upon your departure. Through our method, we teach you how to boost metabolism and help balance your body’s functions through improved diet, exercise, mental wellness and sleep.

All individual protocols will be created for each client by Dr Simoné Laubscher who has over 25 years of experience as a naturopathic doctor, nutritionist and life coach.

Click here to download full details of the Saadiyat Island Health Reset Retreat.

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