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Visit our store for organic whole-food nutritional supplements, from Rejuv & WelleCo, formulated by Dr Simoné Laubscher. All Rejuv nutritional supplements are made in the UK.

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  • Obesity is associated with chronic inflammation, and there is a genetic link to excess fat accumulation. Fear not; thanks to the pioneering work in epigenetics and trailblazers such as Dr Bruce Lipton, your lifestyle choices allow those genes to either

  • Researchers have found links between chronic inflammation and all major diseases, both physical and mental. Inflammation is a critical factor for your overall health as it can have an impact on: painbone health obesity gut function heart health liver function brain,

  • Metabolism is such a minefield of a topic, but there are scientific ways to boost metabolism. There are so many myths and opinions that it can leave you feeling very confused and overwhelmed. This blog unpacks good, sound, scientific facts

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Our success stories have been publish in some of the most popular magazines and newspapers across the World.

Extra Mile Health Support

We, as a family, have been using Rejuv Wellness Supplements for years, and we highly recommend them. Dr Simoné always goes the extra mile and is quick to help us if we ever have any health issues. This company you can trust, and it gives you peace of mind knowing all their supplements are plant-based and from years of robust research. Thanks, Rejuv. We don't know what we would do without you!

Daisy Mulligan

Loved Our Fertility Journey

Brian and I loved our fertility journey with Dr Simoné, for she simplified everything, breaking it down into her 7 Rejuv wellness pillars so we could slowly implement all the changes. I was also surprised that I had so many imbalances because I lived a clean life with lots of exercise. It goes to show you might think you're healthy, and Doctors tell you there is nothing wrong, but according to naturopathic medicine, I had many things to work on. Dr Simone was also so supportive, cheering us on every step, and we know that working with her was one of the main reasons our dream came true, and we are now blessed with our precious Ruby Jean.

Dani Parkinson & Brian McFadden

Easy to Take Immune Boost

First class supplements. I have definitely felt more healthy over the last few months. Easy to digest.


Divine Chocolate Protein

This is simply divine, light chocolate flavour and nutritious. i add it to warm almond milk so i feel like i am having a comforting hot cocoa.there is no bloating after having this and a great way to get my protein intake as a vegan. I love it!


Liver Support Capsules When I Drink

I have reduced my alcohol intake however if I do drink I take these tablets before I drink and the day after. These tablets have made sure my liver function is healthy & the urine test sticks confirm this.

Brian McFadden

Extraorindary Benefits & Results!

I've used Simone's products for years and had extraordinary benefits and results which is why I love her work, and have been recommending her products to everyone I meet. I recently completed a 30 day detox and people were asking me how I lost so much weight and what program I was on and I referred them all to Rejuv.


A new level of understanding about the food we eat!

If only more people knew about the benefits of seeing a nutritionist as I found out opposed to just visiting the doctor. My lifestyle was not the healthiest before I met with Simone, but now it couldn't be more different! No fad diets, it's just a new level of understanding about the food we eat and how it effects our body and mind connection.


I've changed my whole thinking about my health!

World leading doctor and nutrition expert Simone Laubscher changed my whole thinking about my health! After just one consultation I was more conscious of what I put into my body and the reasons why we should eat a natural whole-food organic diet combined with the right natural supplements. There's science to back it and the key is prevention not cure!


I feel more energetic than I have done for ages!

I had been suffering from extreme tiredness and break out skin for a long time and tests with my doctors showed 'everything is fine’. I was feeling really fed up until I found Rejuv. They found that the bacteria H Pylori was causing all of my issues! Now knowing what it was and with targeted treatment, I feel more energetic than I have done for ages and my skin looks great!


I'm on the fast track to health!

Rejuv Gourmet food totally supports my busy life. They deliver fresh & delicious gourmet meals to my door each day that are bespoke to my exact nutritional needs. I'm on the fast track to health!

Elle Macpherson

Life-changing & result focused!

When I talk to people about Simone, I refer to her as 'the magician'... If you had told me 12 months ago that I would be 4 stone lighter (yes, that's 30kgs!), energetic enough to run a half marathon, with a 'joie de vivre' second-to-none, I would have never believed you!


I'm back in my old wardrobe!

My shape is now back to even better then before I had my 3 children! I'm back in my old wardrobe, have so much energy and I love how I look and feel.



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