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Balance Your Hormones Global Glow Simone Laubscher Julie Katerine

Learn how to best take care of your body in order to balance your hormones, and avoid hormonal decline & premature ageing.

In the GLOBAL GLOW TALKS SERIES, Julie Katerine, CEO of Global Glow interviews leading health specialists, wellness warriors & icons, and world-renowned experts on topics ranging from inflammation, to gut health, nutrition, beauty, skincare and hormonal imbalances to how to transform your health & wellness journey!

As part of the Global Glow Talks Series, she had a wonderful & lively conversation with our co-founder, Simone Laubscher, PhD.

Simone breaks down what you need to do to build a strong foundation and get your body feeling optimal! It’s all about finding a balance and getting back to basics…

Watch it now & be sure to take notes!

Find more talks on the Global Glow website. Learn about Julie Katerine’s health journey in this WelleCo. Interview. Julie was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at age 31. This is when she set about a new way of life that would change her wellness journey forever. She is a big fan of all WelleCo. products and talks specifically about using The Super Elixir that Simone formulated for Elle Macpherson. Find our WelleCo. range in the shop along with a wide variety of organic, whole-food supplements to help you reach your wellness goals!

balance your hormones

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