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Keep Your Immune System Strong

We’re currently in Australia and although it is spring it is very wet and cold so it’s important to be intentional in how to keep your immune system strong. In fact, we have seen more rain in a month than we have seen in Dubai for 6 years! So regardless if you are in the northern or southern hemisphere, particularly in these current times, it’s imperative to boost your immune system and sew in now, so you stay strong and have a healthy holiday season.

My kids just had colds due to this huge change in weather so what am I doing to clear their bugs and support my hubby and me so we prevent caching any?

Here’s my favourite go to’s which work like magic to keep your immune system strong. It only took 3 days for my kids to bounce back to their healthy selves – no more sore throats, coughs, temperatures & runny noses!

1. Keep Your Immune System Strong with Healing Soup

Granny’s homemade organic chicken & veggie soup. When feeling under the weather we take this soup each day till we feel better. As a general rule, I make up a batch each week so we are always enjoying granny’s healing recipe. 

2. Use Vegan Wholefood Supplements

My kids are taking our Rejuv Immune boost pack with vegan capsules loaded with superfoods to give their immune systems the tools they need to clear all bugs. These capsules are filled with organic turmeric, rose hips, elderberry, medicinal mushrooms & many other superfoods and my kids take 1 of each before breakfast & dinner. I give my kids the Welleco Super Kids Elixir that I formulated for  Elle Macpherson as a powerful foundational base with all vitamins, minerals and amino acids for mind-body balance.

As adults, my husband and I are taking our Rejuv Immune Restore Pack as this gives us extra good bacteria support for our gut & vitamins D & K – which we know has been often the defining component as to why some get the symptoms of viruses way more than others. We take 2 of each before breakfast 7 dinner and always 1 hour away from coffee. In fact, I formulated our Immune Restore Capsules based on research of what supports healing of any virus, including COVID. 

3. Hydrate Your Body

Drink 2L of the Rejuv Wellness Water per day so that you accelerate hydration – have this warm or room temperature not cold. I also choose Therasage TheraH20 as my water filter because they are based on wonderful technology and small, inexpensive water jugs so no plumbing is needed. I really don’t like water in plastic bottles as the quality of the water gets corrupted so choose a good water filter like this. 

4. Intentional Breathing Exercises

Do breathing techniques to open up your lungs, and Wim Hoff has some excellent examples on YouTube

5. Drink Vegetable Juice

Drink 500ml of room temperature vegetable juice once per day with celery, cucumber, broccoli, romaine lettuce, lemon, lime, ginger and add a super greens powder like The Super Elixir by Welleco (or add this powder to water if you don’t have the energy to juice). An extra shot or two of wheatgrass will give this an extra healing kick too.

6. Epsom Salt Baths 

Do a full bath, or at least a foot bath each day and soak for at least 30 minutes. Add the Therasage Ozone Bubbler to this bath for extra healing properties (use code REJUV20 to get 20% off all Therasage items until the end of November 2021).

7. Clean Up Your Diet to Keep Your Immune System Strong

Reduce inflammation & stay off sugar, dairy, gluten and alcohol. Increase all warm foods, liquids, soups & add in the rye, spelt, quinoa or gluten-free bread if you really feel like you need the comfort of carbohydrates but always choose organic butter or olive oil, never margarine. I find swiping white potato for sweet potato or butternut, swapping rice for quinoa and swapping noodles/pasta for veggie noodles made from courgette to be really filling and comforting too.

8. Sweat It Out

I love Therasage Infrared portable Saunas for they are wonderful for your immune system and overall mind-body wellness  (thus why your body gets a fever to kill off bugs). This latest version with FIR is the best tech on the market! 

9. Boost Your Essential Oils

Essential Oils not only smell great but are linked to reducing stress and are great to reduce airborne viruses and bacteria.  Essential oils are concentrated extractions from plants through a process called distillation which makes this into a concentrate so only a few drops are needed to have an immense impact.

My favourite immune-boosting ones are frankincense, lemon balm, eucalyptus, tea tree oil, lavender, clove, bergamot, and geranium & Olbas oil.

I love the Therasage nebuliser as a way to keep airborne nasties at bay – especially if you plan to have guests over the holidays.

10. Reduce WiFi and EMF to Keep Your Immune System Strong

Most people don’t realise that excessive wifi puts pressure on your immune system. Even direct contact with too much electricity, in general, adds pressure to your body, as the human body is over 60% water and is greatly affected by WifFi and EMF.

So turn your wifi off at night and try to get your barefoot on the earth most days. If this is too hard due to cold weather take regular magnesium flake foot or regular baths to boost your grounding negative ions and clear excessive EMF/WiFi positive ions which work against the body.

Finish Strong and Understand How to Change Your Health

Trust you enjoy my immune-boosting tips so that you can finish the year strong, stay healthy and enjoy these holidays, for goodness knows we all deserve it after a crazy year! 

Not sure where to start with your health take our FREE Wellness Quiz and try one of our 10 point naturopathic tests so we can fast track what you particularly need to scale up your health to the next level. 

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