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Immune System Boost

Lay the foundation now before winter hits to support your immune system by investing in an Immune Pack. I’ve had all of my patients recover completely from COVID across the globe. Some even in homes with many other family members with covid, but they never got sick or tested positive.  Some, however, have relapsed with flu or post-viral illnesses and I’m helping them walk out their healing, for their immune systems have hit rock bottom.

There are as many variables as to how your body deals with viral load with how your body deals with viruses. Age, lifestyle, stress, sleep habits, environment (where you live), toxic load re such things as sugar and alcohol, your gut health and the list goes on.

As always we look to our health through the Seven Pillars of Wellness:

  1. Make sure you get 8 hours of sleep.
  2. Move your body most days, and if it is too cold to go out, then download an app to do a barre, yoga or exercise class indoors.
  3. Eat clean and stay pesca vegan but stick to mainly warm meals over these months and keep treats for 1-2 x week for sugar and junk foods suppress your immune system.
  4. Limit your toxins like alcohol once a week &  coffee once a day to give your body a chance to recover
  5. Drink 2L of water each day and add more herbal teas to make up this quota.
  6. Be mindful, stay in gratitude, pray, meditate and connect with yourself and decide who you want to be and what no longer serves you so you can let that go. Laugh, spend time with friends (zoom parties can be fun and book those in once a week, so you stay connected with friends).
  7. Use whole-food supplements and draw on ancient wisdom like in our Rejuv Wellness range for Chinese, Herbal and Ayurvedic medicine is tried and tested. It will help you restore and boost your immune system so you can move through this season elegantly, feeling well.
  8. Support your Lymphatic system for this system doesn’t have a pump, so you need to move to get your lymph flowing. This is vital for your immune system so buy an inexpensive mini rebounder for your home and do 200 jumps morning & afternoon.
  9. Stay Grounded but if it’s too cold to get your feel on the grass, have regular Epsom Salt baths or buy grounding sheets to sleep on or grounding work on so your electrical circuits are reset and strengthened each day.
  10. Declutter your home space for it is vital to how you feel mentally and physically. Give to charity and make your home a peaceful place of rest, peace and play. Add living plants to each room to boost oxygen levels, since connecting with nature is a little more tricky in the winter months.

Even if you’re coming out of winter, it is vital to reset your immune system due to this unusual time and to prevent relapses with your health whether you have had a cold, flu or COVID.

If you are not sure which immune pack you need then we suggest:

  • If you are younger than 35 and or feel your immune system is sound and you rarely get a cold or flu over winter then take our Immune Boost Pack across the winter months.
  • If you are older than 35 and/or feel your immune system does struggle a little over the winter months and you usually get a cold or flu, then it is wise to take our Immune Restore Pack over the winter months.

I have recorded a video for each Immune Pack in our shop so you can determine which one is best for you (click on the pack name above).

Our Immune Packs support your natural immune system and help your body fight infections that are trying to get a hold and bring you down. They are designed to work with your body and are not a replacement of common sense, good nutrition, washing of hands and how you interact with other people.

If you’re still unsure – reach out to us. We are here for you and happy to help.

See all supplements and packs to support your Immune System here.


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