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Balance Blood Sugar Levels

It can be a rollercoaster ride to stay healthy and balance blood sugar levels. But it does not have to be. Follow my seven daily habits to change your lifestyle and avoid the feast to famine ups and downs. 

Have you ever had a great week just to have everything undone over the weekend? Have you ever done a detox, lost weight and felt amazing before a holiday or an event only to lose your way and find it hard to get back, ending up at square one? 

I understand your pain because I’ve been there; in fact, I used to live there. But I don’t anymore. 

I have seven lifestyle-changing habits that will help you get off the rollercoaster and reduce extreme behaviours that have a detrimental impact on your mental & physical health. These changes will help balance blood sugar levels and stabilise the traction of your long-term wellbeing. 

Imbalance, Causes & Conditions

Over the past 25 years of treating clients, there has been one common imbalance that I see as the main driver in most conditions, from fertility, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, obesity, gut issues, addictions, diabetes, cancer and many others. 

Low Blood Sugar Levels

This imbalance is low blood sugar or hypoglycaemia. If your blood sugar levels are out of balance, it I hard to live a balanced life. 

One bowl of pasta or piece of chocolate becomes five, and it is like you have no off switch. This then allows addictions to take hold, gut issues to flare up, depression and mood issues to soar, and over time this significantly impairs your immune system, which is linked to diseases such as cancer.

Many of you know my low blood sugar story in primary school that led to me being obese. I was secretly eating because I never felt full. I was teased for many years, which led me to starve and develop anorexia. I had no other tools to lose weight as a 14-year-old girl. 

My decades of suffering are the reason why I decided to study science and nutrition at university. I wanted to find a solution to my problems and then go on to help others also get set free.

The Regime That Fed My Vicious Cycle

I had a real aha moment many years ago. I was in this Monday to Friday eat clean, exercise like mad, restricted regime, then I would find myself binging on weekends with food and alcohol, feeding the vicious cycle. The story was amplified whenever a special event or holiday was coming. 

I Found A Way To Balance Blood Sugar

I was so frustrated with my issues that I started to formulate my own supplements to manage my blood sugar levels because I couldn’t find the complexes I needed with the correct ratios of ingredients to help me get free. 

I say ‘free’ because you really feel trapped and as if nothing would ever work. 

A Remedy Against The Up & Down

Below are the seven daily habits I follow to always be on a healthy lifestyle instead of healthy weekdays and benders on the weekend. This is how I balance blood sugar levels, and I can now always be on track and still have a treat meal and wine and weekends guilt-free and with no desire to binge. Life is here to be enjoyed, not endured.

My 7 Habits To Balance Your Blood Sugar Levels

1. Choose To “Always Be On’ 

Live a life you love and make healthy choices, eat clean, and exercise, but shift your mind into always being on. This allows you to still have a treat meal on weekends, alcohol if you fancy it, but you break the binge-starve mentality to treat yourself with respect and love yourself into the best version of yourself.

2. Move Your Body Every Day 

If you choose to move your body by doing something you enjoy each day, it supports a balanced lifestyle. 

For example, last weekend, we went for a lovely long walk to the beach but stopped for coffee and a muffin. We had fun, had a treat, and enjoyed ourselves but still had a healing walk, barefoot and connected with nature. 

Exercise also has a wonderful effect on your blood sugar regulation. 

3. Drink Wellness Water Daily 

Committing to this seven days a week will keep your blood sugar levels and appetite balanced, making it much easier to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Make your own Rejuv Wellness Water with lemon, sea salt, cucumber, ginger, mint and cinnamon – see all proportions in this blog

4. Eat Nourishing Food Seven Days A Week 

I find that if I have a treat breakfast, I’m looking for more treats all day. I much prefer a brunch or lunch to avoid eating too early or too late, and it gives me time to digest my treat meal. 

I also take our Rejuv Digestive Support Capsules before any treat meal giving me the added enzymes I need to cut through fun foods so I can finish with a flat & happy tummy. 

I make sure to have a fist of protein at each meal as this is also crucial. This can be fish, organic eggs, nuts, seeds, lentils or vegan protein powder like Rejuv & WelleCo.

5. Enjoy Guilt-Free Pleasure Eating 

I usually suggest living by try 80:20 rule, so one day a week, have some fun, enjoy yourself, and have no guilt! 

I recommend a guilt-free main course and dessert, and many of my clients have this all in one day or pasta on Saturday and dessert on Sunday as an example. 

Make this fit your life and personality. 

The Best Alcohol For Your Health

If you like to have a few drinks, organic red wine is best for your health. To reduce body fat, stick with a potato vodka or gin with soda water plus fresh lemon or lime. 

I always take 2 of our Rejuv Liver Support Capsules before I have drinks to give my body all it needs to process the alcohol with no weight gain or headache the next day.


6. Practice Mindfulness Monday To Sunday 

I choose to block out time by myself each morning for prayer, mindfulness and meditation. This is vital to living the life you love. 

My head and heart stay full of gratitude, and I don’t let myself get into the glass-half-empty mindset as a result. This practise reduces stress, supports a healthy relationship with myself and my loved ones and stops me from getting moody or irritated. 

Your life flows when you gift this time to yourself as a tonic so you can enjoy your everyday life. See my Instagram post for my favourite daily affirmations. 

7. Take Supplements Daily 

I used to be a bit slack at having my supplements every day, but now I value this as essential. Taking the supplements I need helps me feel energised and reduces the desire to eat rich foods on weekends. 

It helps to break this destructive thinking of ‘you have worked hard all week, so you deserve X, Y & Z’.

My (Not So Secret) Superpower 

Blood Sugar Support Capsules

The Rejuv Blood Sugar Support Capsules are a godsend and help me feel satisfied, so food has no power over me.

There are many reasons why our Blood Sugar Support Capsules work and why they were a vital part of my healing journey.

They are so safe that even a teenager can take a half dose, so I can also help kids never have to waste a decade of their lives stuck and suffering like me.

The Power To Balance Blood Sugar 

Here is the science behind how these ingredients work and why so many of our clients have lost so much weight when combining the Blood Sugar Support Capsules with a holistic wellness plan to balance their seven pillars of wellness (all packs come with a free wellness plan and test kit to monitor your health levels). 

Try Blood Sugar Support With A Free Gift! 

Rejuv Blood Sugar Support works amazingly well in combination with the Apple Cider Burn. I believe in this combination so strongly that why I am GIVING AWAY a free pot of 120 capsules if you purchase one pot of Blood Sugar Support.

If you need more supplements but you’re unsure of where to start, take our Free Wellness Quiz to build your tailored Wellness Profile and identify the steps you need to take for your long-term wellbeing.  

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