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Boost Metabolism

Metabolism is such a minefield of a topic, but there are scientific ways to boost metabolism. There are so many myths and opinions that it can leave you feeling very confused and overwhelmed. This blog unpacks good, sound, scientific facts behind boosting metabolism.

Do you feel you have hit a rut, and things that once worked no longer give you the same results? Have you tried everything and still feel out of sorts? Maybe you have had long-co-vid or are feeling low in energy, finding it hard to lose weight, not sleeping well, having your libido down, or having some IBS symptoms? 

Almost ten years ago, Elle Macpherson came to me feeling like this, and she couldn’t work out why she wasn’t feeling mentally and physically at her best. 

Like many of my clients, Elle had been to her local doctor, and they remarked how she was normal for her age and that there was nothing wrong with her.

After speaking to Elle and doing our Rejuv Naturopathic Urine Test, we realised that her Seven Pillars of Wellness were out of balance. This is not unusual and maybe you’re in the same situation? Elle wasn’t getting enough good quality sleep. She was craving sugar because she was not absorbing her protein, her minerals were too low as her digestive system was out.

We also found that her inflammation markers were too high, and she was too acidic, which affected her energy levels. Her cortisol and stress hormones were too high, and her liver and lymphatic systems needed a detox. Elle’s good gut bacteria were too low, which had resulted in candida and parasite overgrowth.

My goal with this article is to give you some good, sound and scientific facts on how to boost metabolism. It is the same information that I shared with Elle MacPherson. Incorporate these tips into your daily life and it will help you scale up your health to live a life you’ll love.

The Elle Macpherson Diet to boost metabolism

Get Results Fast & Minimise Suffering

At Rejuv Wellness, we are anti-suffering. Most patients come back a few weeks after the first session and comment on how easy their plan was to follow and how most of their symptoms have disappeared. This is always music to our ears!

Nutritious Foods & Supplements That Boost Metabolism

The key is to eat the right foods for you and get your body to absorb your nutrition and metabolism to convert the calories you eat into a good level of usable energy. If you are unsure where to start with your diet, see my 4-week body reboot plan that I developed for Elle Macpherson for a good kick start towards a good kick start healthy metabolism. 

Our Metabolic Reset Pack is also one of Elle’s favourites to fast track your results by opening up your detox pathways supporting your liver and gallbladder, supporting your lymphatic system to flush out excess water, balancing blood sugar levels to reduce cravings and using thermogenic herbs to see up your metabolism. 

Create your Free Wellness Profile on our website to determine the top 3 Wellness Pillars that you need to focus on to start your wellness journey.

10 Science-Backed Ways To Boost Metabolism

I’ve decided to share my top ten ways for you to boost your metabolism. Each and every one of these tips is based on sound scientific facts rather than confusing myths and opinions. 

1. Eat Foods That Support Liver & Gallbladder 

The liver and gallbladder function is essential if you want to boost your metabolism, for when you burn fat, you’re also releasing toxins into your bloodstream. If your detox pathways are not functioning well, you can find weight loss very difficult when you mobilise toxins and start the fat loss cycle; you can reabsorb toxins and sometimes face a healing crisis. 

Eat bitter foods like rocky, radicchio, grapefruit, and lemons to support healthy liver and gallbladder. Garlic, ginger, onions, beetroot, nettle, green leafy veg, artichoke, dandelion & fennel. If you find it challenging to include all of these foods, you can fast track with our Liver Support Capsules

2. Drink To Support Metabolism

Drink 2L of wellness water a day plus 2 cups of herbal or green tea. I find this key, and I have my clients make up 2L of water with lemon, ginger, and cinnamon, 1/4 teaspoon of unprocessed sea salt such as Celtic & fresh mint leaves if desired each day, which hydrates at a cellular level and balances your blood sugar levels. (See the detailed Wellness Water Recipe)

3. Open Up Your Lymphatic & Kidney Flow

 One of the best ways to support your lymphatic and urinary systems is bouncing on a mini rebounder each day for at least 200 bounces (great for your pelvic floor too). 

The more you clear the stagnation of lymph, the less toxic and inflamed you are, supporting your metabolism and reducing the appearance of cellulite. I tend only to get water retention around my period, or if I take a flight, so I include our Water Flo Capsules and take 2-3 before dinner at night so you can flush our excessive water the following day.

4. Eat To Balance Blood Sugar Levels 

It isn’t about calorie counting, but the optimum fuel mix of protein, fats and carb ratios. 

This is why I encourage all my clients to eat more plants and less animal products. If you eat meat, choose wild fish or organic chicken. Avoid red meat and animals with four or more legs. 

Eat more green veggies and good fats like olives, avocado and seeds and following a low to moderate GI diet is optimum. 

The Glycemic Index GI

Protein is essential at lunch to reduce snacking and low blood sugar binge eating, so make sure you have 1 cup of good quality protein such as wild fish, organic eggs, organic chicken, wild venison or lentils or black beans at lunch. 

Eating enough fibre prebiotic rich vegetables is also a crucial way to support good gut health, having a substantial positive effect on your metabolism.  

If you struggle with binge eating like I used to with eating disorders, include our Rejuv Blood Sugar Support Capsules.

5. Embrace Thermogenesis To Spice It Up

 Thermogenesis involves processing digesting, absorbing and transporting food to create heat. Eating spicy and chilli/hot foods can help with your thermogenesis and heat production, thus positively affecting your metabolism. 

My favourite thermogenic foods are cayenne, chilli, green tea, turmeric, cloudy apple cider vinegar, kelp, bitter orange, grapefruit, ginseng and Guarana. 

If you find it hard to ingest these each day, you can fast track with our Rejuv Thermo Metabolic Support Capsules. Take 1-2 before breakfast and before lunch to support your body’s natural ability to clear your detox pathways and to burn stored fat.

6. Food, Circadian Cycles & Fat Burning While You Sleep

Your body goes through daily cycles, and as the seasons change, the day cycles also change. It is essential for your metabolism and insulin to melatonin ratios to work with sunrise and sunset. 

Depending on winter or summer time, make sure you eat dinner 3-4 hours before you plan to go to bed and dial up the red light and dial down the blue light to encourage good blood sugar balance and optimum melatonin release, so you also get good quality sleep- vital for your fat burning. 

7. Intermittent fasting  

Incorporating intermittent fasting gives your body a chance to heal and restore itself via the wonderful process of autophagy. 

You can start swapping breakfast for a super greens smoothie or your dinner for a small bowl of vegetable soup. You can then build up to 16 hours of fasting if you finish dinner by 8 pm and don’t eat again until noon the next day.  

If you’re not into your green smoothies, you can fast track with a super greens supplement like the WelleCo SupergreensThe Super Elixir.

8. Improve Sleep Quality 

Get good restorative sleep. If you don’t rest and detox from the day you just had, your cortisol levels will be too high, making it particularly hard to shift belly fat. 

The sleep you have before midnight is worth twice as much as sleep after midnight, so try to sleep no later than 11 pm. Use a sleep app or meditation, Epsom salt baths and our WelleCo Sleep Welle Tea or if you need something stronger, our Rejuv Bedtime Blend Capsules

9. Exercise

Move your body and add in internal training and HIIT training for these intense bursts to help reset your metabolism. Core and Barre work is also great such as The Oona Series. You can join up for two weeks for free to see if you love it (I do these classes 3 x a week, and I love how they have sculptured my body and calmed my nervous system. It helps me start my day feeling more balanced).  

Do physical activity and exercise in interval bursts, such as running/walking intervals, playing tennis, walking, cycling, climbing stairs etc as a specific exercise session or as incidental exercise whilst going about your day. It all adds up to the total calories your body burns each day and is a great way to boost your metabolism.

Physical activity is the most variable of the factors. We all respond to exercise differently, and weight-bearing exercises such as running will always burn more calories than supportive weight training such as cycling. This is due to the extra calories needed to carry your own body and the exercise calories burnt.

10. Calm Your Stress 

Be mindful and balance your stress by embracing a morning ritual for 10-15 minutes each morning. Breathing techniques, affirmations, prayer, gratitude and meditation, will calm your nervous system, and reduce the amount of time you spend in fight or flight mode. This in turn allows the body to trust you that it is safe to reduce fat and that you don’t need this protective layer due to danger.

If you feel that you have an issue with this, then adding adaptogenic herbs is a great way to help reduce the effect of stress on your metabolism. I recommend adding 2 Rejuv Adrenal Complex Capsules before breakfast or lunch – it will be a tremendous help!

Scientific Methods Support Optimum Metabolism

As you can see, if you add sound science to the subject of your metabolism, there’s a lot you can do to support its optimum function allowing you to stay lean without suffering. 

Like all body systems, the metabolism doesn’t work in isolation. When you balance your Seven Wellness Pillars, your metabolism and fat burning capacity will also shift so you can get well and enjoy your life, especially since we now all know that health is the new wealth!

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