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Gut-Brain Reset Protocol


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“I believe in the gut-brain connection and trusting your gut, your instincts – this is key for me in business and life. From a physical perspective, learning from nutritionist Dr Simone Laubscher PhD about the importance of good gut health has transformed my life.” – Elle Macpherson

This protocol is designed to be done over 30 days but due to life demands some people do this in two-week cycles. All products needed are in the Gut-Brain Reset Pack (this protocol is also included in the pack at no extra cost).

The following eating plan is vegan (except for the organic bone broth for we use this to help heal the gut) in order to take the stress off your digestive system allowing it to cleanse and heal and to also re-set your gut-brain axis. It is always best to make sure you go through 1 full moon cycle, meaning that you continue before, during and after a full moon, which is quite easy since the moon also works over a 30 days cycle.


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