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Home Enema Kit


Home enema kit. To be used for Colon & Parasite Cleansing, Detox, Digestive Disorders, General Immune system & Gut Microbiome support.


A long-lasting and easy-to-use Home Enema Kit for personal use (volume: 2 litres). This kit allows you to perform a basic colonic hydrotherapy session in the privacy of home. The Home Enema Enteroclisma kit has both an anal cannula for colonic enemas and a vaginal irrigation cannula. 

The digestive system’s health can have a significant bearing on other parts of the body, including the immune system, detoxification systems, nutrient absorption, and metabolism. To support the digestive tract’s health, it can be useful to regularly remove deposits and debris from the colon. This is especially true where there is a back-up in the system or where gluey, and hardened deposits have accumulated in the pockets and along the walls of the bowel (which can accumulate over time as a consequence of fermentation and putrefaction from poor diet, inadequate hydration and partially digested foods). If waste-matter is not routinely expelled from the bowel, and it resides in the colon for longer than is desirable (i.e. constipation), it can create the perfect breeding ground for unhealthy bacteria.

Durable and easy to use, this re-usable Home Enema Kit delivers best results when used in combination with our Digestive Cleanse Pack, Seasonal Cleanse Pack30 Day Health Reset Pack or individual digestive support products including, Colon Clear Complex Capsules, Natural Lax Capsules, Gut Microbiome Repair, Probiotic Max & Digestive Complex Powder.

Beneficial for Colon & Parasite Cleansing, Detox, Constipation, IBS, Gut Fermentation & Putrefaction, Bloating, Digestive Disorders, General Immune system & Well-Being, Gut Microbiome support,  Weight loss & to Tone Bowel Walls.


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