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Stress & Brain Support Pack


People are struggling with stress, mental & physical health these days. This pack is designed to work on your major pathways to support the nervous & all the other ten systems.


The Stress & Brain Support Pack is a mental health pack. Our bodies are designed to deal with moments of high stress with our fight or flight mode, but when we live under constant stress, all the systems come under attack; from our digestion, metabolism and mood to our hormones and brain function.

This powerful mental health pack includes:

  • Rejuv Adrenal Complex providing adaptogenic herbs allowing your body to process mental and physical stressors.
  • Brain Support Capsules to support memory, cognition and mental clarity
  • Immune Restore Complex to support your immune system for this is one of the first systems to be negatively affected by stress.
  • Liver Support Capsules open up your detox pathways for under stress theses pathways narrow leading to toxic build-up and trapped emotions such as anger.
  • Sea & Soil Super Greens Capsules, using the power of plants to calm down all levels of inflammation, creating a powerful mind-body reset.

This pack also comes with a complimentary Naturopathic Urine Test Kit & Professional Analysis valued at £50. We recommend that you use it at the start and finish of your protocol to assess your progress towards your wellness goal. You will receive a free analysis of your urine dipstick sample from Dr Simone and her team. 


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