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Stress & Brain Support Pack

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People are struggling with stress, mental & physical health these days. This pack is designed to work on your major pathways to support the nervous & all the other ten systems.

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Our bodies are designed to deal with moments of high stress with our fight or flight mode, but when we live under constant stress, all the systems come under attack; from our digestion, metabolism and mood to our hormones and brain function.

This powerful pack includes:

  • Rejuv Adrenal Complex providing adaptogenic herbs allowing your body to process mental and physical stressors.
  • Brain Support Capsules to support memory, cognition and mental clarity
  • Immune Restore Complex to support your immune system for this is one of the first systems to be negatively affected by stress.
  • Liver Support Capsules open up your detox pathways for under stress theses pathways narrow leading to toxic build-up and trapped emotions such as anger.
  • Sea & Soil Super Greens Capsules, using the power of plants to calm down all levels of inflammation, creating a powerful mind-body reset.


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