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Women’s Health Pack


The Women’s Health Pack is designed for women who really want to balance their hormones, improve energy & gut function and reduce body fat.


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The Products in the Women’s Health Pack are:

  • Female Hormonal Balance uses Chinese herbs to regulate and balance hormones naturally.
  • The adaptogenic herbs in the Adrenal Complex reduce the effects of stress and cortisol on the body linked to poor health and weight gain.
  • Blood Sugar Support Capsules reduce appetite and cravings and reduce the blood sugar spikes associates with cravings, hormonal imbalances and weight gain.
  • Candida Gone Capsules to support gut function and clear out all unwanted fungus and candida working well
  • Sea & Soil Super Greens Capsules to calm your body systems, reduce inflammation and support thyroid function.
  • The Immune Restore Complex supports all of your 11 Body Systems giving you all the essential vitamins minerals and trace elements to have high energy by day and have a restorative restful sleep at night.



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