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Nutrition Supplements by Rejuv

Dr Simoné Laubscher has been formulating her own line of organic whole food supplements for over 15 years, called Rejuv Nutrition. Simoné was frustrated with the way the industry was heading all those years ago with increased levels of synthetic ingredients and cheap nasty fillers.
Simoné, therefore, launched her own line of nutrition supplements mainly targeting poor metabolic function and hypoglycemia / poor blood sugar regulation due to her own history with eating disorders.

As Simone’s clinical practice grew so did her level of research going on to formulate 35 products targeting gut problems, immune system support, detox and lymphatic drainage, cognitive and brain function, stress and adrenal support, hormonal support to name a few and continue to further improve her metabolic and weight loss line.

Five years ago Simoné also formulated products for her client and now business partner Elle Macpherson and Welleco all born out of Elle’s desire to move into optimum wellness herself. Dr Simoné helped Elle restore her health and from this relationship, Welleco was born. Simoné formulated The Super Elixir, The Nourishing Proteins, Kids Nourishing Protein, and the Sleep Welle tea. Simoné also contributed to the formulation of the Welleco Boosters.

Simoné and her team are passionate about supporting the body at a cellular and functional level so a patient’s health is successfully restored by removing and detoxing the toxins that make you unwell, rebuilding the body at the cellular, structural and organ level, therefore, shifting you into a restored state of optimal health and wellness.

Rejuv Nutrition Supplements

This is where the Rejuv philosophy of the three R’s comes into play so you receive a bespoke protocol to get well and stay well. The Rejuv team takes each patient through their 7 pillars and removes, rebuilds and restores shifting you into vibrant health

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