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We treat a variety of high profile patients and help them navigate their wellness journeys, just like all patients who come to see us at Rejuv Wellness.

Over the last few months, one of our patients (Dani Parkinson) has written a blog about her fertility journey thus far, and the information is so great I felt it would bless many if we share it.

[ Download Dr Simone’s Fertility Guide that she created to help couples like Dani & Brian McFadden ]

I first met with her fiancé Brian McFadden at our clinic in Dubai and treated them both on a video call three months ago. They were referred to me by other clients of mine, British Royal Family members Zara and Mike Tindall.  

IVF, Fertility & Natural Conception

Twelve years ago, my husband and I went through our fertility journey. We received advice that we would also need to do In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), but we didn’t need to do it in the end as we now have three beautiful naturally conceived children.

As a result of our fertility turnaround, I have treated many patients who have approached us to support them on their fertility journey. Some have been completing IVF and others not. I adore this couple, and we only tend to attract such beautiful down to earth, warm-hearted clients.

Dani & Brian shared the story of their fertility challenges in OK! Magazine earlier this month. 

Singer @BrianMcFadden and fiancée @DaniParky share their heartache during their plans to have a baby. Watch the full exclusive video here: ???? #westlife #brianmcfadden #boyzlife

— OK! Magazine (@OK_Magazine) August 4, 2020


Fertility goals, Holistic Health & Wellbeing

Dani and Brian are on the IVF journey, and they are doing so well. Since working together, all of their levels have gone from low/medium to high, and they look and feel the best they have in years. Brian has lost over a stone, Dani only had to maintain her weight, so like always we tailor each plan to your specific goals.

When I hear the word diet I think of restriction and rigidity. I suppose this has some truth, but dieting doesn’t necessarily mean something that can’t be built around your lifestyle and preferences. I also think it’s a lot easier to ‘diet’ when the goal is something heavily desired. – Danielle Parkinson

As with all clients who come to see us, we reviewed Brian & Dani’s health and habits through the Triple R Principle and the Seven Pillars of Wellness, thus providing a holistic approach. Dani and Brian are moving towards the same goal, but as always their journeys still had to be made bespoke.

We first assessed their diet and made sure their macronutrient ratios, fats, carbs & proteins, were balanced. We removed inflammatory foods such as red meat, dairy, sugar & trans fats like margarine & vegetable oils. We also balanced lifestyle habits, so they could shift into a place of healing with less coffee and alcohol, mindfulness techniques, sleep support and reduced environmental toxins.

Once we had established the blueprint, we checked in with them each month, and now three months later, they are in optimum health.

Lifestyle Changes

Our model is a simple, scientifically sound approach that aims to bring about a lifestyle change. Changing the lifestyle means that the results don’t take as long, and it will sustain long term wellness. It is a process of education where we can support our clients and coach them into a wellness program that is easily sustainable based on their lifestyles.

Our nutritional plan and guidance is specific to our current health needs. Simone also factored in how we ate, for example I eat small meals regularly whereas Brian doesn’t snack and prefers to have bigger meals. Our likes and dislikes were taken into account and we learned how to replace any of our favourite foods that were no longer permitted. – Danielle Parkinson

Some of the specific lifestyle changes we implemented together based on Brian & Dani’s goals:

  • Nothing raw after 4 pm to support their digestive systems
  • Make & drink the Rejuv Moon Milk (free recipe) to help wind down at night & get into deep restorative sleep
  • Always read food labels to know how to choose good plant milk without hidden additives
  • Mindful Eating: properly chew your food
  • Start eating super healthy snacks using our Rejuv Wellness & WelleCo Protein Powders 
  • Alcohol: choose a good glass of red wine over sugary/high GI alternatives.

Dani also loves chocolate so we’ve shared with her how to incorporate good quality organic chocolate as a treat and to find their balance, so they enjoy their lives and not feel like they are on a  ‘diet’ for that never works long term.

Of course, they have done the work, and although they are taking our Rejuv whole food supplements, their diets and lifestyles are also in balance creating the optimum mind-body reset. I trust you will enjoy Dani’s blog, and we wish her and Brian every blessing as they continue on their unique wellness journey.

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Thank you @ok_mag for giving us the opportunity to share our story so far ???? (see my story for a swipe up link to the article & video interview) I hope this goes some way to helping others. I have been overwhelmed by the amount of people who have shared their journeys with me and we are incredibly thankful for everyone’s support ❤️ Thank you to all of the staff at St Mary’s Hospital Manchester who are simply incredible! ???? and to @simonelaubscherphd @rejuv_wellness for your continued support in transforming our health and wellness, making sure we are in tip top condition for all that lies ahead ???? Hair & Make-Up @sslimane Location @thebelfryhotelandresort

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