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The sixth wellness pillar is body balance. Our skeletal and muscular systems are pivotal to our health. Like the scaffolding of a house, they need to be built on a solid surface and able to weather the storms of life. Your posture and skeletal systems also have to be in good order to allow enough space for your organs to work effectively, thus supporting your overall health and immune system.

Therapies such as physiotherapy, osteopathy, acupuncture, reflexology and massage are key to keeping your physical ‘home’ in order. Having regular treatments like the above greatly improves circulation, facilitating maximum nutrition to the cells and allowing toxins to be removed. Working on your fascia – connective tissue beneath the skin – also permits emotional blocks trapped in our physical body to be released which are related to disease.

Look back at the last three to six months. Do you feel your body is in good balance? Depending on your toxic load and whether you are travelling, stressed, eating too much rich food and drinking too much tea, coffee and alcohol, you could well be out of synch.

Twice a year, it’s a good idea to do a thorough cleanse/detox in January and September after the major holiday months and start getting the body back into harmonious balance.

Take an honest look at your lifestyle to assess how stressful your life has been, emotionally and physically, as blockages can close down arteries, reduce blood flow to vessels and allow toxicity to pool in the lymphatic system.

If you decide to detox, do it thoroughly, or you could make things worse. We cleanse our systems through the breath, sweat, urine and stools. Often, our kidneys and liver are overloaded and tired, in which case a crash detox will only overload them further, so it’s vital to detox, cleanse and nourish the system in order.

If the detox pathways are not open, it’s like shaking a dusty rug in a room with the windows closed. Everything gets reabsorbed, and it can be worse for your health. Take a step back, be kind and gentle and decide what’s right for your lifestyle – then make it part of your lifestyle.

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