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Quinine As A Home Remedy

You may have heard of Hydroxychloroquine and its main active ingredient: quinine. Quinine is anti-viral, anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti-parasitic, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory.

You can buy this as medication, but instead, I like to use my home remedy from plants to avoid the downside of taking drugs and the added sugar in tonic water type of drink options.

Tonic water also contains quinine but the amount is meagre and not enough to have any significant therapeutic effect, most at only five mg/L concentrations.

Uses and benefits of Quinine:

  1. It helps your body fight off viruses & flu. Quinine has been used for 400 years to treat malaria, and more recently the HIV/AIDS virus and COV-ID.
  2. It has been found to reduce fevers as it has an anti-pyretic effect, activating pro-inflammatory mediators that reduce high fevers.
  3. It supports lung function. When quinine and chloroquine are inhaled (like when you steam your head to fight a cold or flu). These two compounds activate the taste receptor proteins, reducing vasoconstriction and allergic reactions in the lungs, therefore stopping the ‘asthma’/vasoconstriction symptoms from arising. It’s also useful to release phlegm and mucus from your lungs.
  4. Reduces leg cramps. Another regular use of quinine has been to treat leg cramps caused by vascular spasms. For more than 50 years, quinine, quinidine, and hydroquinone have been used to prevent muscle cramps.
  5. Supports weight loss. In a controlled study, quinine was used to help control weight loss and reduce appetite and cravings. This is because Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine have revealed that anything bitter supports blood sugar regulation and appetite regulation.
  6. Improves digestion. The bitterness also supports good stomach acid levels, so your digestive system impacts your mind and body, for you are what you absorb after all. Many eat organic, have a clean diet and eat more plants, but their absorption is very poor. This is a massive issue in our clinics, particularly over the last five years, as stress levels and environmental toxins have increased. 

Quinine in Supplement Form

I love this ingredient so much that I also included it as a critical synergistic player in my Immune Restore Capsules, combined with zinc. Combining zinc with the quinine propels the quinine into your cells much quicker, having a faster effect. If you are not a fan of bitter foods, you can take our Immune Restore Capsules, and for the next few days only (add two, then use the code 2for1 at checkout, valid until March 31, 2022), we have an offer of BUY 1 GET 1 FREE as a way of giving back to support your wellness journey. These capsules were a godsend for me and many of my clients with COV-ID. They are safe for both adults and children.

I believe in quinine so much that I have included it in its natural bioavailable form from grapefruit in our Para Cleanse and Candida Gone Capsules. It is such a powerful ingredient and is so bitter that many people avoid it in their diet. 

You can buy quinine as medication, but I like to use my home remedy from plants to avoid the downside of taking drugs and the added sugar in tonic water type of drink options.

Quinine TonicA Home Remedy Recipe


You need three rinds of lemons, three rinds of grapefruits, filtered water and Manuka honey.


Take the rinds of the lemons and grapefruits and cover with filtered water, about 3 inches above the peels. Bring to the boil & then simmer for 2 hours with a lid on. Use a stainless steel pot and glass lid if possible. Never use non-stick or aluminium cookware, for they are very toxic. 

  • Let this simmer for 2 hours, and do not take off the lid until it cools completely. You don’t want the quinine to escape in the steam.
  • Sweeten with Manuka honey to taste, as it will be bitter. You only take a tablespoon at a time, so it is not like you need to drink glasses of it.

Take 1 tbsp every few hours if you have a virus, cold or flu.

Take 1 tbsp before meals if you have joint pain, leg cramps, lung or digestive issues or trying to lose weight.

Discontinue as you feel better or reach your goals and have as a home remedy you can mix up whenever needed. 

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I wish you all health and happiness.

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