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Detox & Re-tox balance: Dr Simoné gives you her top 10 tips on how to reach your balance between living clean & overindulging. Practical tools you can easily implement allowing you to fast track your health so you can literally have your cake & eat it too!

Instead of being stuck with the inner battle of overindulging and abstaining, why not put a plan in place allowing you to literally have your cake & eat it too!

Firstly give yourself permission to let your hair down on special occasions and try to keep clean 6 days a week, allowing yourself one day a week to enjoy yourself.

10 top tips to Achieving Your Detox & Re-tox Balance:

Eat clean the week before a weekend of overindulgence

The week before a weekend of overindulgence, eat clean and try to stay off the sugar, gluten, dairy, red meat and alcohol. This will prepare the body so it can deal with the overload much better. To further support your body the day/evening before you go out to either overindulge on food and or alcohol, take 4 Rejuv Liver Support capsules so you wake up feeling fresh and no food or alcohol hangover (a sugar fest can make you feel like you have had an alcohol fest FYI). Note: I always suggest one Liver Support capsule per drink, so take as many liver clear caps and you usually drink.

load up on your super greens

All foods that most of us overindulge on are acid-forming foods such as meat, fast foods, dairy, sugar/chocolates, alcohol etc so it is important to load up on your super greens so you help the body deal with the acidic overload. This will fast track your recovery over the holidays. For an organic whole food super greens that are life-changing right down to a cellular level, try The Super Elixir (available at Rejuv or Part of our Rejuv range we also have super greens capsules if travelling with powder is a little tricky.

Drink first thing in the morning

Start each day off, including your ‘fun food days’ with Dr Simone’s Daily Detox Tonic of

  • warm water (250-500ml)
  • juice of 1/2 a lemon/lime
  • grated fresh ginger to taste
  • a pinch of cayenne pepper & black cumin
  • a teaspoon of honey.

Then try to just eat fruits or have a veggie juice and start your fun at lunchtime and beyond so your digestive system has a little pause to prepare for the onslaught.

Support Your Digestive System

If you feel bloated after a heavy meal, chew a non-toxic gum such as xylitol chewing gum for 10-15 minutes after the meal to support your digestive system. One of the Rejuv formulas that I invented is called Digestive Aid and I take 2-3 of these capsules before any heavy meal to support gut function and therefore reduce the impact of the rich foods.

Reduce Your appetite

If you tend to have a big appetite and one cookie can become the whole bag etc then you may want to try having a pint of water with lemon before a heavy meal to help reduce your appetite. Having a protein shake the meal before your heavy meal will also help especially if the product has insoluble fibre such as flaxseed or psyllium husk. We have many protein powders in our Rejuv range and our product called ‘Rice Protein Burn’ has the added fat burning herbs too. Our Rejuv Blood Sugar Support Capsules are also great to help cut your appetite and help your body deal with the blood sugar roller coaster effect of eating sugary foods.

Keep Well Hydrated

If you are prone to water retention when you eat rich foods, make sure you keep well hydrated for the more water (or herbal tea) you drink the less water you will hold. Celery is also great for water retention but if you don’t like the taste try our Rejuv Water Flo capsules. Simply take 2-3 before bed the day you overindulge to reduce water retention the following day.

Leave a gap between eating & sleeping

Sometimes our sleep is affected by eating rich food so try to leave a 3-4 hour gap between eating and sleeping. Mint tea can help with digestion and camomile and valerian teas will help you sleep. Of course, if your over-indulged with alcohol, lots of water, vitamin c, dandelion & super greens before bed will help mop up the toxins helping you feel better the next day. Welleco also has a wonderful tea called Sleep Welle which will help fast track you into a deep restful sleep.

Be kind, pause & reflect

It is also important to be kind to yourself over the holidays for many experience a range of mixed emotions over the holiday season. Some of these emotions can make us comfort eat so be mindful of this and try to create a pause between an automatic eating frenzy and ask yourself are you really hungry or have another emotion you may need to deal with. If you do end up having a binge, then simply dust yourself off and start afresh the next day. We all drop the ball so be kind to yourself and show yourself some grace over the holidays.

Find ways to Exercise Daily

Try to move on most days. This can be an exercise DVD at home, yoga, exercise bike, Zumba class, a cross-fit session or a gym session. Whatever works for you really. Even a hot dry sauna so you can sweat out your toxins or a massage would be brilliant to help facilitate the removal of toxins. Mini home mini-trampolines / rebounders are also brilliant (20mins a day) to help pump lymph, a key to removing toxins from your body.

End with a vegan detox

The day after your over indulgence day/days – try to do a vegan detox day where you only eat plants, so fruits, vegetables, salads and veggie soups & take another 4 capsules of Rejuv Liver Support per day for 2 days.


I hope you’ll find this helpful to achieve your detox & re-tox balance!

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