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Researchers have found links between chronic inflammation and all major diseases, both physical and mental. Inflammation is a critical factor for your overall health as it can have an impact on: painbone health obesity gut function heart health liver function brain, memory & cognition immune responsefertility hormonal regulation

In most cases of hormonal imbalances over my 25-year career, I’ve seen inflammation as the common denominator in my clinical practice and my own personal experience after our infertility issues and hypothyroidism.   Dealing with inflammation first has a powerful knock-on effect on the entire endocrine systems. It sets clients free of hormone-related health challenges like menopause, irregular periods, infertility, thyroid problems, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or Hashimoto’s.   Inflammation of the thyroid can often be the main driver behind overall hormone imbalances and infertility.   The

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