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Anti-Fungal and Anti-Parasite foods are great to support your parasite cleanse. When I recommend a parasite cleanse, I also do it to reset the gut, clear candida, remove fungus and reinoculate the microbiome with good bacteria. Candida, parasites, and digestive functional issues can be hard to treat, so I recommend supplements to fast track your journey. The Rejuv Wellness Parasite Full Moon Cleanse Pack is a great place to start. Still, your diet is also vital for food is medicine,

Reset Your Gut Using Lunar Cycles Did you maybe overdo it in the Easter holidays and have a few too many chocolate eggs? Or perhaps you’ve had gut and IBS symptoms or a skin condition for a while and never really go to the root cause?  Over the past 25 years, in our clinics, we have witnessed many patients’ lives radically changed by resetting their gut and transforming their microbiome. It brings about physical healing, particularly of the digestive and integumentary

Why do we need a regular gut-brain reset? There is a labyrinth of around 100 million neurons edging our gut that is so vast some scientists have nicknamed it our “2nd brain”. This abundance of neurons is called the enteric nervous system and has more neurons than our peripheral nervous system and produces more serotonin (our happy hormone) than our actual brain. This is why the gut-brain connection is key in sustaining good health and limiting disease. Gut Parasite Cleanse A regular Gut-Brain Reset is essential

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