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Simon Kerr

Simon Kerr is our Movement Specialist & PTI and runs an online fitness coaching programme* in partnership with Rejuv Wellness. Simon studied sport since leaving school at A-Level standard and gained entry to Jordanstown University to complete a BSc HONS degree in sports studies. He followed this with a further course in personal training and has over seven years experience in the field with results which speak for themselves.

Training is about making everyday life more comfortable. Whether that be through moving better and more freely, having higher body confidence through weight loss/muscle gain or using exercise as a tool to help alleviate certain factors common with modern-day living, e.g. stress, lack of sleep, etc.

Regular movement and exercise are not only great for your heart but your immune system too. Balance is the key for too little and too much activity, due to free radical damage, can reduce your immune system.

Exercise support of your immune system refers to both the systemic (whole-body cellular response) and mucosal (mucous lining of the respiratory tract) response to an infectious agent, which follows a bell curve, with optimum being in the middle.

Simon’s training will allow you to exercise in the safety and comfort of your own home by providing the equipment needed for varied and productive sessions. The training can also be gym based if that is your preference. Staying connected at all times, through Skype, FaceTime or a training app, we can work together to get to your final goal.

Simon will do whatever you need according to the plan that he will establish with you in your first session. If you need him to coach you daily, then he will do this. You can also opt for him back up but equip you with everything you need to progress and learn by yourself. You will have at least one call per week with any of Simon’s training plans. It is all tailored to your personal needs and goals. 

Simon Kerr has worked with post-cancer patients, diabetic, elderly, aggressive hereditary bone disorders, pregnancy etc. He enjoys the challenge of working alongside people who are willing to try new things to enhance their future.

Simon Kerr

Simon Kerr

Movement Specialist & Online PT