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Osteopathy works with the skeletal and muscular systems through the manipulation of bones, muscles, ligaments, organs and muscle tissue. Techniques used vary from soft-tissue stretching, high velocity thrust techniques, to improve the range of movement of the joints to more gentle rhythmic and cranial techniques, gently sup-porting synovial fluid in the spine. Exercises or postural advice to do at home may also be given, to assist the treatment and help maintain your health.

Osteopathic treatment is aimed not simply at the relief of symptoms, but towards helping the body function at optimum in all respects by releasing accumulated stress, toxins and strains. The body’s own self-healing and self-regulating ability are assist-ed, with the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems allowing your organs to function better within a strong surrounding skeletal & muscular framework. Osteo-pathic visceral massage of organs not only improves individual organ health but al-lows all the 11 systems to work in harmony having a powerful restorative impact on the digestive system, detox systems via the kidneys, gallbladder and kidneys and al-so the immune system due to supporting lymphatic drainage. Osteopathy is also very beneficial in supporting your metabolism and with any weight loss program due to the support on the pancreas, gut, liver, gallbladder and thyroid.

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