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Wellness Tests

Organ and gut function, classic biochemistry such as cholesterol and homocysteine, neurotransmitters, tumour markers, toxic load and heavy metals in addition to your ageing parameters all need to be checked each year for most patients after the age of 40.

We at Rejuv have partnered with The Doctors Lab for all biochemistry, cardiovascular, endocrine, allergies/ intolerance, viral, cancer panels and well man & well woman profiles.

We have also partnered with Glycanage to test your biological age compared to your chronological age so we can be proactive in supporting you with disease prevention and anti-ageing.

Contact us to see which tests are appropriate for your wellness goals.

FREE WELLNESS QUIZ: Invest 5-7 minutes in your health by completing this free quiz to get your wellness profile. You will get an actionable one-page summary that identifies your current wellness and the next best steps towards your personal wellbeing. Visit