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A healing crisis or Herxheimer can and end up making the client feel unwell for the body can’t handle the toxins being released and will reabsorb them. We are Rejuv always monitor you to ensure you move at the correct detox speed for you for the goal is to move you into wellness but not to create suffering or reabsorb toxins we are trying to remove. We take our clients through our detox programs in home and retreat settings.

When moving through a detox and healing sequence you need to follow 4 steps to create a successful result. The world health organisation notes that parasites are one of the biggest untreated health issues in the world and that most people have 1-2 pounds of parasites in their GI tract.

To successfully clear fungus, parasites, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals etc you need to follow these 4 steps:

  1. OPEN your detox pathways so that when we start to mobilise the toxins/ parasites etc the body can handle to load
  2. REMOVE the toxic substance or pathogens
  3. REBUILD your micro biome to re-set the balance between good and bad bacteria
  4. RESTORE healthy function to your organs, gut-brain axis and GI tract

Fore more information see our Rejuv healing packs