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Naturopathic Nutrition

Naturopathic NutritionOur naturopathic team will create your bespoke wellness protocol giving you the keys to get well and stay well long term. Bespoke scientific and holistic protocols can heal the root cause of your issue restoring you back into vibrant health.

Simoné Laubscher is our head Naturopathic Therapist and after 20 years of treating clients, she has developed her own unique protocol to determine a patient’s metabolic code, which is used by herself and her team. Her ethos is based on testing the current state of your health and metabolism, married in with the correct foods, whole food Rejuv supplementation (if needed) and digestive support to re-set your metabolism and bring you back into optimum health.

Dr Simoné has also developed her own weight loss protocol where you lose at least a pound per day and your metabolism will also be re-set making weight management a success in the short and long term.

We simply support your body with what it needs so it is able to cure itself of whatever health challenge you’re facing. Our Rejuv team will determine your unique health formula based on your pre-existing conditions, your past and family history, lifestyle, emotional triggers and your metabolic type.

We determine the correct eating plan for your metabolic type, closely married with the correct internal functional support. Like with a car, one must put in the correct fuel and service the engine to get maximum performance. Therefore every system of the body including your digestive, hormonal, circulatory and cellular health must all work together to bring about healing, thereby restoring the foundations of your health and bringing about a lifestyle change.

All practitioners in our naturopathic team are not only university qualified, with 15 years minimum experience but are also individually trained by Simoné in her tried and tested protocols. Therefore seeing anyone in our naturopathic team is seamless between all practitioners. Each patient will have a blood and urine test to investigate their vitamin and mineral levels, metabolism, inflammation, diabetes and blood sugar regulation, kidney and liver function and to test for the presence of bacteria and parasites and overall health.

We successfully treat both adults and children with varying health problems but specialize in:

  • Digestive Disorders such as IBS and Crohn’s disease
  • Gut/Brain/Microbiome imbalances
  • Fat loss/Obesity/ Metabolic Disorders
  • Eating Disorders
  • Fatigue / Chronic Fatigue
  • Infertility
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Naturopathic Cancer Support
  • Diabetes/Hypoglycemia
  • Migraines
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Eczema/skin conditions
  • Cardiac health such as high/low Blood pressure and Cholesterol

Your initial treatment will include a detailed health status questionnaire, a naturopathic analysis based on our 7 Pillars of Wellness, diet analysis, metabolic typing, emotional analysis, hormonal analysis and food and environmental analysis, if required, to get to the root cause of your condition. Each patient will leave with a printed wellness plan of action and generally return after 3 weeks of `living the dream` with your main homework being to report back on what did and didn`t suit your lifestyle. For it is our goal to tailor your wellness plan to suit your palate, lifestyle and budget. Bottom line; if your program is enjoyable and ‘do-able’ a lifestyle change will occur. Otherwise, your plan will be just another short-lived ‘Band-Aid’ with no permanent change. Follow up treatments after the second visit will completely depend on each individual patient.