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5 Natural High-Energy Habits

To Help You Thrive Even When Life Throws You A Curve Ball! 

I often get asked how I have such high energy. I always refer to my natural high-energy habits in my answer. Recently, my dear friend and colleague @miriam_abadi the founder of Tru & Beyond Dubai asked me to write this blog to support her community.

When it comes to energy I always refer to my natural high-energy habits in my answer. These habits relate to three main areas that I always go back to:

  • Mindfulness
  • Nutrition  
  • Whole Food Supplementation

Threats To Your High-Energy Habits 

Have you ever had a great week just to have everything undone over the weekend? Have you ever done a detox, lost weight and felt terrific before a holiday or an event only to lose your way and find it hard to get back, ending up at square one? 

I understand your pain because I’ve been there; in fact, I used to live there. But I don’t anymore.

We all have ups and downs in our lives, some feel small, and others feel like mountains in front of us. 

Behind The Curated Facade

You can look at someone’s life from a distance (or via social media) and presume they have it all together. Often this is far from the truth. 

I treat clients from all walks of life, from Royalty to celebrities and regular people like myself. We all go through similar things each day. 

Life can sometimes knock the wind out of you, and another blow comes along when you think you are getting your head back in the game. 

Process Grief Without Adding Destructive Habits

For me, 2022 was one of the most challenging years in my life, as my best friend passed away at the beginning of the year. 

As I’m coming up to her first anniversary, another of my best friends saw her son tragically killed in an accident a few weeks ago. He was only 17 years old. 

It’s important to grieve and stand with our friends through this process, but nothing is gained by us falling apart, defaulting to bad, low-energy habits such as junk food, alcohol, drugs or gambling. 

Most of us have an old, default energy-detracting habit. For me, it was always food, as I used to be anorexic and bulimic. Added to that old habit is alcohol, which I used to numb my feelings in the past. 

I was never an alcoholic, but I would binge drink with friends on weekends to disconnect from the pain in my heart. 

All of that mischief was over 25 years ago. I’m now healed, but when pain like losing a loved one comes up, I feel myself just wanting to drink wine and eat cheese and bread to numb out. 

My Top 5 Natural High-Energy Habits  

How do I keep my energy levels up to support my daily life as a busy working mum with three kids? How do I avoid going into a spiral and feeling flat, depressed and low energy? What do I do when life throws me an absolute curve ball? 

I always revisit the habits I’ve collated in my 30-Day Guide to Good Habits. You can download the guide for free here

As a taste, I want to give you my top 5 natural high-energy habits. These habits help maintain good energy levels and keep stress at bay – daily. 

1. Be Mindful Of The Habits Your Best Self Sticks By

Live a life you love and shift your mind into always being ‘on’. Live with habits that the best version of yourself would live by. 

This is like your code and commitment to yourself; no one can do this for you. It’s a deal or covenant you make with yourself to show up for yourself and commit to loving and nurturing yourself. 

Often when we face stress midweek or something more serious, our subconscious wants to default to old habits that we used to deal with pain in the past. 

Instead of embracing that old habit loop, choose to change. 

Be mindful and observe the voice and the old desires and let them pass through you instead of pitching a tent and camping in the old destructive habits.

Using your breath is also very powerful, so you allow the emotion to come up; you pause, exhale and then respond instead of reacting to this stress and numbing out. 

2. Change Your State & Move Your Body

When you face low energy or stress that makes you feel flat or anxious, don’t let this grow; instead, nip it in the bud and quickly change your state. 

The best way to change your state is to move, and in particular, walking is great because it forces the amygdala to quiet down. 

Jumping on a trampoline, doing one hundred star jumps, dancing for 10 minutes – anything to change your state. 

Avoid the monkey mind and overthinking. As soon as you feel stressed or overwhelmed, move… don’t overthink it. Getting into nature and noticing all the beauty around you also helps, as does cross crawls (opposite arms to legs), as this helps reset the amygdala and shift you out of this low vibe stressful space.

3. Eat High Vibe

One of your high-energy habits needs to be the choice to eat from the rainbow and lots of salads and vegetables, as they have a high vibration. This will boost your mood and help your electrical circuits fire correctly, calming your mind and boosting your mood. 

Fruits are also great but be careful of your blood sugar levels, so opt for GI ratings of 55 or less such as apples, pears & berries.

4. Choose Whole Foods Supplements Daily 

Overfarming has decreased the nutritional value of the food we eat. 

Historically farms and farmlands would have more space, and the soil would be given a rest every six or seven years, crops would alternate, and the ground would have time to rest and increase the nutritional value it could add to the particular crop. 

Supplementation gives you the nutritional support you might be missing. Make sure that you choose whole foods rather than synthetic supplements. 

I used to be a bit slack at having my supplements every day, but now I value this as essential. Taking the necessary supplements helps me feel energised and reduces the desire to eat rich foods on weekends. 

It helps to break this destructive thinking of ‘you have worked hard all week, so you deserve to have this or that’. 

My body now only craves foods that nourish. If you are unsure what supplements to take, you can order and complete one of our home urine test kits. 

For me, my daily non-negotiable supplements are;

Beyond my daily habits, I’d highly recommend a seasonal cleanse twice a year if you want a complete health reset. We have developed the Seasonal Cleanse Pack to support your cleanse.

5. Hydrate Daily With 2-3L Of Wellness Water

I see clients daily who confirm drinking around 2L of water each day but are still dehydrated. This is because the water tends to flush right out of their system if the mineral levels are not optimum. I created our Rejuv Wellness Water to help hydrate at a cellular level (see the recipe here).   

The Next Steps Towards Your High-Energy Habits

If you are serious about establishing new habits for your long-term wellbeing – go beyond the five habits above and download my 30-Day Guide to Good Habits

If you’re unsure where to start with your habits, take our Free Wellness Quiz to build your tailored Wellness Profile. As a result, you’ll know the steps you need to take for your long-term wellbeing. 

Dr Simone’s Daily Non-Negotiable Supplements

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