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Do You Feel You’ve Tried
Absolutely Everything to Feel Better?

Dr Google, carb, no-carb, nutritionists, dieticians, doctors… expert-this, expert-that, every trend…

You’ve spent a fortune on all the ‘latest’, and yet you still feel on the health merry-go-round, and nothing seems to make a differenceand social media makes you feel as if you are the only one not looking and feeling their best.

And you still feel stuck… making no progress at all, looking and feeling exactly as you were (just more stressed).

I Get It.
I Know The Pain!

I’ve been there, done that… got the T-shirt!

My name is Simone Laubscher, PhD,

I’ve been helping people for over 20 years.  

Most clients come to see my team and me
because they are sick of going around the mountain again and again. 

I’ve carefully crafted Rejuv Wellness to be
your very last stop for total wellness. 

I’ve treated people all over the world – whether they were born into royalty, appear on your movie screens, or they’re the mum’s and dad’s you see at the school gate.

We get to the root cause. We provide holistic, bespoke protocols and products that consider not just your symptoms, but your personality and lifestyle preferences too. If you hate fish, we aren’t going to make you eat it!

We work WITH you as your wellness partners, and guide you on your breakthrough journey… Because honestly… we believe you deserve to be at the top of your list!

Simone Laubscher (PhD)

You'll Love Our Best Selling Organic Whole-Food Nutritional Supplements !

Start your Rejuv Wellness Journey with these organic, whole-food supplements.

Women’s Health Pack

Balance your hormones, reduce body fat, improve energy & gut function.

Rejuv Protocols & Packs

Save money as you get bespoke wellness protocols with organic whole-food nutritional supplements and eating plans with our popular packs.

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Easy to Take Immune Boost

First class supplements. I have definitely felt more healthy over the last few months. Easy to digest.


Divine Chocolate Protein

This is simply divine, light chocolate flavour and nutritious. i add it to warm almond milk so i feel like i am having a comforting hot cocoa.there is no bloating after having this and a great way to get my protein intake as a vegan. I love it!


Liver Support Capsules When I Drink

I have reduced my alcohol intake however if I do drink I take these tablets before I drink and the day after. These tablets have made sure my liver function is healthy & the urine test sticks confirm this.

Brian McFadden

Urine Test Prove Results

Using these urine tests has really helped us to assess the success of supplements and dietary changes as we have gone along. Important for my fertility, I can see I am now more alkaline than acidic and my partners liver function is tip top & his metabolism is much better!

Dani Parkinson & Brian McFadden

Extraorindary Benefits & Results!

I've used Simone's products for years and had extraordinary benefits and results which is why I love her work, and have been recommending her products to everyone I meet. I recently completed a 30 day detox and people were asking me how I lost so much weight and what program I was on and I referred them all to Rejuv.


A new level of understanding about the food we eat!

If only more people knew about the benefits of seeing a nutritionist as I found out opposed to just visiting the doctor. My lifestyle was not the healthiest before I met with Simone, but now it couldn't be more different! No fad diets, it's just a new level of understanding about the food we eat and how it effects our body and mind connection.


Online Naturopathic Consultations

Contact our team to schedule an exclusive Naturopathic Consultation with
Simone Laubscher, PhD, for a personalised plan to reach your wellness goals. 

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