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Dr Google, carb, no-carb, nutritionists, dieticians, doctors… expert-this, expert-that, every trend…

You’ve spent a fortune on all the ‘latest’, and yet you still feel stuck on the health merry-go-round, and nothing seems to make a difference… and social media makes you feel as if you are the only one not looking and feeling their best.

And you still feel stuck… making no progress at all, looking and feeling exactly as you were (just more stressed).

We've been there, done that… got the T-shirt!

My name is Dr Simone Laubscher and my husband Dirk and I are the Founders of Rejuv Wellness. Dirk, myself and our team have helped thousands of clients reach their wellness goals since 1998 when we launched our first clinic on Harley Street in London UK.

Most clients come to us because they are sick of going around the mountain again and again without achieving long-lasting results. Maybe you're stuck in pain and need the support of my husband Dirk's orthopaedic team or you have other physical and emotional imbalances and you need to see our Naturopathic & Functional Medicine team. Whatever you are facing, we are here for you and have carefully crafted Wellness protocols as your last stop for total wellness.

We have treated clients all over the world – whether they were born into royalty, appear on your movie screens, or are the mums and dads you see at the school gate.

We get to the root cause. We provide holistic, bespoke protocols and supplements that consider not just your symptoms but your personality and lifestyle preferences too.

We work WITH you as your wellness partners to build your custom wellness road map and guide you to end the pain, restore your health and help you find long-term well-being.… Because honestly… we believe you deserve to be at the top of your list and shift into the best version of you!

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