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Dr Google, carb, no-carb, nutritionists, dieticians, doctors… expert-this, expert-that, every trend…

You’ve spent a fortune on all the ‘latest’, and yet you still feel on the health merry-go-round, and nothing seems to make a differenceand social media makes you feel as if you are the only one not looking and feeling their best.

And you still feel stuck… making no progress at all, looking and feeling exactly as you were (just more stressed).

I Get It.
I Know The Pain!

I’ve been there, done that… got the T-shirt!

My name is Simone Laubscher, PhD,

I’ve been helping people for over 20 years.  

Most clients come to see my team and me
because they are sick of going around the mountain again and again. 

I’ve carefully crafted Rejuv Wellness to be
your very last stop for total wellness. 

I’ve treated people all over the world – whether they were born into royalty, appear on your movie screens, or they’re the mum’s and dad’s you see at the school gate.

We get to the root cause. We provide holistic, bespoke protocols and products that consider not just your symptoms, but your personality and lifestyle preferences too. If you hate fish, we aren’t going to make you eat it!

We work WITH you as your wellness partners, and guide you on your breakthrough journey… Because honestly… we believe you deserve to be at the top of your list!

Simone Laubscher (PhD)

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Greens for our whole family

I began following Simone after using the WelleCo range of supplements, which worked for me. Greens for our whole family and Protein Powder for my very busy athletic son! My first Rejuv Wellness product was the cleanse pack, which set me on my journey. I know I’m committed when I ‘unfollow‘ other practitioners! What started as targeted supplementation has now become a way of life. Each suggestion Simone has made I now follow - Celtic salt in water, intermittent fasting and a more vegan diet. Thank you for your generous and gentle guidance.

Mel Wilkinson

Simone Helped Us Switch Focus

At first I was sceptical - how much difference could nutrition make to recurrent miscarriage? But by this point we’d undergone all the tests with no answers, so I was willing to try anything as I was struggling with the lack of answers and feeling more and more drained with every loss. After our first online meeting with Simoné we already felt so much more positive. She helped us focus on where we wanted to be rather than what we’d already experienced. Simone helped us get into optimum health and how to manage stress and improve sleep.She recommended books that changed my thinking. It was amazing seeing our health improve with the urine tests and we began to feel more relaxed and confident in the positive changes. Fast forward 2 months and I had a really strong feeling I was pregnant but was terrified to do a test. When I did however, the line came up instantly and I just felt something was different this time. We now have a beautiful 3 week old baby boy and I’ve never felt so grateful. He’s our little rainbow baby and absolute world. Simoné helped us achieve our ultimate goal!

Stephanie & James Gregan

Extra Mile Health Support

We, as a family, have been using Rejuv Wellness Supplements for years, and we highly recommend them. Dr Simoné always goes the extra mile and is quick to help us if we ever have any health issues. This company you can trust, and it gives you peace of mind knowing all their supplements are plant-based and from years of robust research. Thanks, Rejuv. We don't know what we would do without you!

Daisy Mulligan

Loved Our Fertility Journey

Brian and I loved our fertility journey with Dr Simoné, for she simplified everything, breaking it down into her 7 Rejuv wellness pillars so we could slowly implement all the changes. I was also surprised that I had so many imbalances because I lived a clean life with lots of exercise. It goes to show you might think you're healthy, and Doctors tell you there is nothing wrong, but according to naturopathic medicine, I had many things to work on. Dr Simone was also so supportive, cheering us on every step, and we know that working with her was one of the main reasons our dream came true, and we are now blessed with our precious Ruby Jean.

Dani Parkinson & Brian McFadden

Easy to Take Immune Boost

First class supplements. I have definitely felt more healthy over the last few months. Easy to digest.


Divine Chocolate Protein

This is simply divine, light chocolate flavour and nutritious. i add it to warm almond milk so i feel like i am having a comforting hot cocoa.there is no bloating after having this and a great way to get my protein intake as a vegan. I love it!


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