Where can I find information about your retreats?

We update our retreats page with information about upcoming retreats as details are confirmed. You can sign up to our emails to be sure to hear about it when we release new dates and locations.

How do I make an appointment to see Dr Simonè?

You can enquire via our consultations page to find a suitable time for a consultation. We will need your personal address, consult scripts and HSQ records prior to any consultation. We will also send you a free Naturopathic Home Urine Test Kit for completion and analysis before the session.

Can I visit your clinic in London/Dubai?

All consultations take place via video call at the moment, and our supplements are available to purchase online with local shipping rates.

Can I give Rejuv supplements to my children?

We always recommend consulting with your family doctor. We have certain supplements that have been specifically developed for children. Generally we'd recommend half dosage for children, once you've consulted with your doctor.

What is the difference between the Rejuv Wellness Super Greens and The Super Elixir Dr Simone Developed for WelleCo. and Elle Mcpherson?

The Rejuv Super Greens Complex is Dr Simoné's original and iconic formula.  They are very similar but differ in flavour (The WelleCo. Super Elixir is flavoured)

Read more in the blog post "What Does Super Greens Do for You?"

Are Rejuv Supplements safe to take while pregnant and/or breastfeeding?

Yes! All Rejuv Supplements except Super Greens as they can have a mild detoxing effect. We recommend consulting with your health practitioner to be 100% certain.

Do you offer any other testing (such as bloods, stool, etc)?

We do. As part of our Wellness Protocol, we commence with a 10-Point Naturopathic Home Urine Test (kit and professional analysis). Any further testing will be advised.