A Rejuv Health & Wellness Retreat focuses on nurturing and re-setting your mind and body.

On the physical side, we reset all the 11 systems in your body, including your nervous, endocrine/metabolic, skeletal, muscular, integumentary, circulatory, respiratory, reproductive, lymphatic and digestive.

On the mental and emotional side, we use registered mindfulness therapies to clear all blocks to healing and abundance in your life.

Upon arrival, you will have a full-body scan to assess your main stressors and key balancers to focus on for that week. Your specific wellness goals will also be incorporated to provide the ultimate, scientific mind and body protocol your body needs as your unique re-set protocol.

Some retreats include juice fasting, others vegan or pesca-vegan still incorporating line-caught wild fish. All retreats include specific detox spa & body balance protocols from saunas, salt caves, Harman, massage, physiotherapy, osteopathy, lymphatic drainage, reflexology, detox plunge pools, acupuncture and hydrotherapy.

You will leave with a wellness plan to take back home and implement into your life, including optimum nutrition for your metabolic type, de-tress techniques, tools to reduce environmental exposure of ESMOG, WIFI and mind-body reset techniques that can be easily implemented each week. Practical and effective protocols, unique to your lifestyle requirements.

Rejuv Health & Wellness Retreat provide the highest-quality offerings that rewire your mindset and physical body to support more beneficial habit loops. Weight loss and healthy weight maintenance are natural side effects of using our approach, and you’re also more likely to sustain your results at home. Through our method, we teach you how re-balance your system, thus boosting metabolism and helping balance your body’s functions through improved diet, exercise, mental resilience and sleep support

Dr Simoné & Dirk Laubscher created all protocols for each client, who have over 25 years of experience in naturopathic and orthopaedic therapies.

Contact us for more information about each upcoming retreat.

The Next Rejuv Wellness Retreat Is In Los Cabos, Mexico

The retreat is held at Nobu Hotel Los Cabos June 1-8, 2024.

We are officially running our retreat for five days and four nights with some guests choosing to stay on longer.

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Mexico Retreat Postponed

Due to the passing of Dr Simone's father-in-law at the end of April, our Rejuv Wellness Retreat in Cabo, Mexico, has been postponed to mid-October 2024.

We apologise for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

However, we have launched our Mini Online Retreats with Dr. Simone's new 7 Pillars of Mindfulness. Simoné and her team will not only take you through the 7 Pillars of Wellness but also through a Full Mind-Body reset with our new Energy Medicine Practitioner.

We do these in bundles of three sessions, but most only need three sessions (like on our retreats) to profoundly shift their mental and physical health.

Contact us for more information.

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What Clients Say About Our Wellness Retreats

I want express my deepest gratitude for the truly extraordinary wellness retreat experience int he UK!

Your expertise, guidance, love, and genuine care have transformed not only my mind and body but also equipped me with practical tools for my holistic wellness journey at home-a pursuit that holds immense importance to me.

The thoughtfulness in your program design and the profound understanding of the mind-body connection were evident throughout the retreat.

The diverse sessions and personal well-being focus contributed to a comprehensive experience. The intimate and supportive environment you created added a unique and enriching dimension to the entire week!

From the beautiful hotel to carefully curated daily detox menu to the nourishing Rejuv organic whole-food supplements, and the invigorating massages, physiotherapy, osteopathy, lymphatic drainage and all the body spa treatments to the engaging activities, every aspect of the retreat was meticulously designed.

The one-on-one sessions with both of you were extraordinary and impactful!

You’ve have provided me with valuable insights and guidance, helping me overcome hurdles that would have been challenging to tackle on my own.

The impact on my gut, skin health, and overall well-being left me feeling significantly lighter and brighter.

Your retreat has given me the inspiration and guidance needed to navigate positive changes, marking the beginning of a new and improved chapter in my life.

I want to express my sincere appreciation for the profound effect you've had on me.

This retreat has been a catalyst for positive change, and I am looking forward to participating in many more with you.

Thank you once again for the incredible and life-changing experience!

Much Love, Meredith Vosburgh

I honestly do not have the words to thank you enough for this one week retreat in Switzerland. I don’t know where to start, but I must say that this has exceeded all my expectations – and believe me when I say, knowing you two I expected nothing less than the best to be delivered.

I have never felt more rejuvenated and alive – it’s as if I’ve been reborn! I loved the tailor-made aspect of it and how each client got special attention and care from you and how everything was adjusted to suit each and everyone’s needs – from the supplements to the food to the treatments.

The intimacy of a small, hand-picked group with the same mindset was the cherry on top. I know I’m I speak for all the group when I say that there were no shortcomings on your end and that we all appreciate that time and energy and love you gave us – it was wholehearted. I believe that what comes from the heart is received by the spirit, and this is precisely what it felt like.

With your positive outlook on life, and your drive to push us all to reach our highest wellness potential, your belief in us is priceless – it’s what got us through. I’ve come out much more solid, and much stronger than when we first started; physically, mentally & emotionally.

All the knowledge you shared in the workshops – that eye-opening information is a game-changer. The hikes that we went on, the forest bathing, the grounding we did – precisely what the soul needs!

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. My first wellness retreat with you; but not my last!

Much love and light, Hind Taryam

The Rejuv Wellness Retreat popped up on my Instagram right at the time I needed it the most.

I had been putting off the body, spirit & mind retreat for months. Why? Because there was always something more important than… Me. But then the stars aligned…

I called Dr Simone’s clinic, they put me through with Dr Simone and after that one call, I knew I had to take the time to do this for myself. The positivity, care and excitement in her voice convinced me in a heartbeat.

This Rejuv Retreat is the best investment I made for myself. Dr Simone is absolutely incredible, generous and genuine; besides being extremely knowledgeable and a top expert in her field.

In the three day retreat, I was able to connect with my true self again, become so much calmer and find the peace of mind again that I lost. I’m now also able to make conscious healthy lifestyle decisions and basically feel on top of the world and free.

I wish for everyone to meet Dr Simone and let her help in taking care of your mind, spirit and body. I am taking my loved ones on the next retreat, as this is the best gift I can give them.