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The end of my sugar cravings

I am 43-year-old woman who's always been pretty active, hitting a wall with weight and energy levels after I turned 40. Before buying the Pack I started with the Super Elixir in Spring. I felt my energy level was better even though I gave up coffee. How ever my weight stayed the same and my evening sugar craving resisted.
Then I bought the Full Moon Parasite Cleanse by Rejuv. It was a game-changer. By the second week, my sugar cravings started to become manageable. And by week four, I had no more cravings. It felt like a miracle! But the real win goes beyond just sugar cravings. My energy levels came flooding back.

This cleanse felt like a complete reset for my body. For me personally, the Full Moon Parasite Cleanse was exactly what I needed to get back on track.

Candida Gone
Yuliya Weldon

I ve been struggling with rosacea for over 15 years, this was a game changer for me after two bottles of candida gone my skin improved. Dermatologists only offered me antibiotics that I did not want to take anymore . Thank you for developing this .

Consistent and efficient

I can really notice the difference the next day whenever I take these capsules before dinner, way less bloated/water retention.


This was a game changer for me. I felt amazing taking these. I lost weight, felt energized and even felt my mood improve. It’s been sold out for a few weeks, and I’d really like to purchase this, again.

Game changer

I've been taking Dr. Simone's Rejuv since listening to one of her talks, it is a game changer (I'm 44), those yeast infections, seasonal colds and random headaches are long gone. On top of that, I take 4 other supplements, my skin has improved so much and my workout performance has never been better.

Great product

These really helped with brain fog. They help me stay focused and I will definitely be ordering them again.

Methyl Support
Sophie Coombes Winyard
Really Good Value for Money

Much better value for money than other brands. High quality ingredients. Easy to take and no unpleasant after taste would thoroughly recommend.

Naturopathic Urine Test Kit

I recently purchased the Naturopathic Urine Test Kit and was very surprised at all Dr Simone was able to tell from that urine kit. I was very pleased with Dr Simone's personal response to me and I am very excited to start this wellness journey with her. I am really looking forward to feeling better and to seeing my results after I complete the wellness protocol she recommends. I already have been using WellCo products for the past 2 years and am loving them as I see a big change in my health and how I feel. This will be a more in depth cleansing for me and I am excited to start! I highly recommend the Urine Test Kit for everyone. It was so easy since I was able to do it right from my own home!

Super Greens Complex Powder

This is the first time that I have taken a product like this and I am impressed by how quickly and easily I have incorporated it into my daily routine. I take it first thing in the morning and it sets me up for the rest of the day.

Best natural supplements you can buy!

I absolutely love Rejuv's natural supplements. I can feel the difference when I take them and they never give me any nasty side effects. They just feel very pure. I especially love the magnesium and the fact that it contains several different forms of magnesium - this is hard to find. Keep up the great work!

Blood Sugar Support

Candida Gone
rania koleilat

changed my life


I bought the pack and started after Easter holidays. I’m feeling much better now.
I denfetlnitely recommend it

Great boost for weight loss goals

I've been following my Rejuv wellness plan after my pregnancy and it's been going amazingly but I have to say since we added this supplement to my plan about a month ago, I am losing weight even faster. Great for energy too. No more afternoon slump and sugar cravings

Gut Repair
Arike Aiyetigbo
Calm gut

My mood is improved and I feel calmer, my bowels are regular and normal.

Didn't order this product!
Tried returning it but it sent back to me unopened!
Don't buy Rejuv products!!

We only sent you the items in the order you placed and never received any returned items. Our offer to refund your order still stands. Please resend the items to the Los Angeles address in your email, and we will process your full refund promptly.

Warm regards,
Simone Laubscher, PhD

Again wrong product was sent to me! Tried to return it at my own expense but it was sent right back to me!

This is one of the items in the order you placed with us. Your online order, included a pot of Bone Joint & Skin Complex, a Gut Healing Pack (this includes several suppements), and a Home UTK, all three products were fulfilled on the day you placed your order (August 7, 2023). We never received any returned items. Our offer to refund your order still stands. Please return the items to the Los Angeles address in your email, and we will process your full refund promptly.

Warm regards,
Simone Laubscher, PhD

X_OLD Gut Healing Pack

Very upset with Rejuv company. I made several attempts via phone number provided on receipt but only got leave a message recording.
I spent over $75 to return package (containing wrong vitamins i didnt even order) only to have it returned to me without reimbursement.
I then threw the package in the trash!
If there was a choice of a negative star I would push that star!

Dear Dorraine,

Thank you for your feedback. We sincerely apologize for the challenges you faced with returning your order.

We received your order, including a Gut Healing Pack, a Home UTK, and a subscription for the Bone Joint & Skin Complex, on August 7, 2023.

The order was fulfilled the same day from our UK warehouse, as we didn't have a US fulfilment center until March 2024. We sent a shipping update on August 16 and later provided details for our Los Angeles fulfilment partner to save you shipping costs for the return. We confirmed that we would issue a refund once the products arrived at the warehouse in Los Angeles.

Our offer to refund your order still stands. Please resend the items, and we will process your full refund promptly.

Thank you for your understanding.

Warm regards,
Simone Laubscher, PhD

Effective & convenient

This is a great product to take in the morning, it really perks you up. Much easier to add to my routine than a greens drink and more palatable. Also very convenient for frequent overnight stays away from home.

Immune Restore
Daniela Schimpf
A real boost

I take it as a real boost when I feel my system needs some extra support .

Thermo Metabolic Support
Kristin Maresca
Perimenopause Support

Thermometabolic support has helpless me maintain my energy and cravings as I navigate perimenopause. I know what I need to do to stay in my best mind/body/spirit shape, so having this as part of my toolkit helps keep a strong baseline so I can work effectively with my changing body.

Blood Sugar Support
Anna Osiecka
Best products with real results

"After many diets, various supplements that didn't show any visible results, I tried the following supplements: Rejuv Sugar Blood Control, Green Coffee Burn, and Water Flow. Within one month (4 weeks), my weight dropped by 3 kg, but more importantly, I lost over 5 cm around my waist in 4 weeks. I maintain a healthy diet, but there was no change in my diet during these 4 weeks. The only thing that changed was adding these 3 supplements. I highly recommend them!"

Blood Sugar Support
manuela cripps
Finding some health peace

My daughter's health and well being is slowly but surely improving as a result of the Blood sugar support vits. I see that she is making better choices in what she eats, craving less sugary and fatty foods and I can see her skin and eyes look healthier.

Great quality supplements

The Immune restore supplement has given my daughter's health such a boost in just a few weeks. It's been the nutritional add that she needed for her system to start balancing itself.

First thing you should do

Urine test kit is essential step you should start with. Amazing tool, easy to use and you will get feedback from dr. Simone with all the instructions (what to do) and recommendations (what to take). Don't skip this step.