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We’ve been specializing in acute and chronic back and neck pain since 1998, actively treating the root cause of the problem, breaking the vicious cycle of pain. We are the only clinic in the UK using the famous MedX® protocols – evidence-based, measured and proven.

Our highly trained physiotherapists at The Back Clinic specialise in the treatment of acute and chronic lower back and neck pain with our unique rehabilitation protocol combining ‘The Laubscher Method’ and MedX® available only at Rejuv UK & UAE.

We are often the last resort for many sufferers, who have tried many treatments with limited success and we are committed to finding your unique solution to your condition. We are the only clinic in the UK & UAE that combines proven manual physiotherapy techniques with the use of MedX® Lumbar and Cervical Extension Equipment in a clinical environment, known as The Laubscher Method. The Laubscher Method was developed by Dirk Laubscher, the founder of Rejuv, after treating patients for over 15 years combined with the MedX® rehab machine protocols.

MedX® is the most internationally researched spinal rehabilitation device that specifically isolates, tests and strengthens the weakened muscles of the back and neck, in order to objectively measure back strength and relieve and prevent recurring pain without surgery, drugs or injections. It also offers one of the best post-operative rehabilitation protocols available in the world. One research article in 1999* revealed that 92% of patients could AVOID surgery using the MedX® protocols.