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Wellness Juice Recipe

I love to use our Wellness Juice Recipes. When you keep your juice less than 40 calories, you won’t break your fast – if you also choose a lifestyle of intermittent like I do, I love to swap out my breakfast for juice. I always use the same base and then tweak with one of the final six ingredients.

Intermittent fasting supports your body’s natural ability to cleanse and heal, so drinking our Rejuv Wellness Water and swapping a meal for juice is potent for your health.

If you want to take your wellness journey to the next level, try swapping two meals for a juice but make sure you have half an avocado or 1-2 handfuls of whole nuts to avoid any blood sugar lows.

The Juice base:

  • 250 ml clean filtered water
  • 250ml of fresh veggie juice made of 5 stalks of celery & 3 leaves of romaine lettuce
  • Juice of half a lemon
  • One thumb of ginger
  • Two heaped teaspoons of my Rejuv or Welleco Super Greens Powder


Drink your Wellness Juice like this or alternate with:

  • One whole organic beetroot
  • One cucumber 
  • One carrot
  • A bunch of kale/spinach
  • One green apple
  • Two slices of pineapple

Juicing can be a smart way to include fruits and vegetables in your diet if you don’t enjoy eating them. Juicing is also a great way to have fruits and vegetables you may not normally eat.

You may want to consider blending fruits and vegetables instead of juicing them. Blending the edible parts of fruits and vegetables produces a drink that contains more healthy phytonutrients and fibre. Adding fibre is a clever way to help you feel fuller. Doing this makes the juice more like a smoothie… 

If you try juicing, make sure you only juice as much as you can drink at once; harmful bacteria can grow quickly in freshly squeezed juices. If you buy commercially produced fresh juice, make sure you select a pasteurized product.

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