Clinical Nutritionist, Naturopath & Health Coach

Dr Simone Laubscher has a BSc MSc PhD of Science, Nutrition & Toxicology from UNSW, Sydney, Australia and has treated patients for over 20 years.

After struggling with health issues relating to obesity (metabolic, adrenal, blood sugar and eating disorders), Simoné treated herself successfully 20 years ago, following her graduation from university with her B.Sc.-Nutrition.

Dr Simoné then went on to do an M.Sc in Naturopathy and Nutrition and a PhD in oxidative stress. She is very passionate about setting both adults and children free of such debilitating conditions. Simoné specialises in obesity, long-term weight loss, metabolic reset, eating disorders, diabetes, IBS / gut disorders, depression, stress/adrenal fatigue, hormonal regulation and immune-related illnesses such as cancer.

Focus on diet and whole food supplementation

Dr Simoné Laubscher has created her unique protocols that focus on diet and whole food supplementation. These protocols address nutritional deficiencies, digestive and absorption weakness, hormonal imbalances, emotional triggers of eating, movement and stress management.

Simoné believes that the fuel one eats, married in with the function of all 11 systems of the body is the key to creating each client’s custom wellness formula. The human body has many similarities, but no two people are the same, so a tailored protocol must be designed for each person, generating the keys they need to transform their health. She uses the Rejuv Triple R Principle and the Seven Pillars of Wellness to assess each client and start their Wellness Journey.

Beyond symptoms: find the root cause of health issues.

Simone says: ‘A holistic, scientific and naturopathic approach that involves looking beyond symptoms to find the root cause of health issues is the only way to break the vicious cycle of disease and bring about long-term healing and restoration. The emotional, physiological, lifestyle and genetic factors must be investigated to diagnose and treat one’s imbalances correctly. By adopting this approach, the client gets well and stays well.

There is no greater gift than to assist a client in vibrant health and to give them the tools they need to stay there long term.’

naturopathic protocols and cancer research

Simone spent the first 20 years of her career focussing on naturopathic protocols using nutrition and whole-food supplementation. Over the last three years, due to her cancer scare, she went on to research and work with her mentors re the emotional roots of disease.  Dr Simone uses PSYCH-K and other biofeedback systems to clear such psychological roots.

On the back of this research, Simone launched the Rejuv 7 Pillars of Mindfulness at the recent Rejuv Retreat in Dubai, balancing the mind, body and spirit, thus supporting you into optimum holistic wellness.

Formulator of Rejuv Nutrition and The Super Elixir

Dr Simoné Laubscher formulated her line of whole-food organic nutritional supplements called Rejuv Nutrition. She did this after becoming more and more frustrated with how synthetic vitamins on the market was preventing her clients from gaining optimum health.

Dr Simoné is Elle Macpherson’s nutritionist & naturopath. She formulated The Super Elixir and several other products for Elle and the international wellness company WelleCo.

From Australia to the United Kingdom

She began her career in Australia working in special populations of cardiac rehab, diabetes, obesity, eating disorders and cancer patients. Simoné moved to the UK in 2001 and became Joint Head of Medical Services and Head Nutritionist at The Third Space Medicine in London, where she continued to specialise in obesity, metabolic and eating disorders.

International anti-ageing clinics

Dr Laubscher then founded her chain of international anti-ageing clinics called Active Anti-Ageing and rolled these out as bolt-on businesses to existing clinics. She has also lectured on the international longevity circuit. It was during these years of rolling out her clinics, walking through the cancer journey with her mother and finishing off her study that Simoné developed a deep love for disease prevention and treatment.

Merger To Create Rejuv Physio and Nutrition

Dr Simone Laubscher founded Rejuv Wellness 13 years ago, uniting with her husband’s practice The Back Clinic. The Back Clinic has been on Harley Street since 1998, specialising in spinal rehab. From the merging of these two Harley Street clinics, The Back Clinic and Active Anti-Aging, Rejuv Physio & Nutrition was born.

Expansion into the UAE

Simone spent 15 years treating patients in London and has now opened another clinic with her husband Dirk in The United Arab Emirates. The Rejuv Wellness and Nutrition team focuses on restoring your health foundations and bringing you into a state of pure and complete wellness and rejuvenation.

Simoné and her team are very passionate about bringing health, healing and restoration to their clients.

Rejuv Gourmet – organic food delivered

Dr Simoné has also launched her own organic food delivery company called Rejuv Gourmet, providing bespoke healthy organic meals to your door fresh each day.

Health Expert Speaker and Media Commentator

Dr Laubscher has treated many celebrities over the years and was the regular health expert on the Terry and Gabi show and has contributed to several BBC documentaries. Simone has lectured at longevity conferences throughout the world and written for and featured in The Times, Vogue, Elle, Tatler, The Evening Standard, Women’s Health, Huffington Post, Slimming, Harpers Bazaar, New Idea, The Daily Mail & many other publications. She regularly publishes on the Rejuv Blog. Click here to contact or book Dr Simone as a speaker.




Dr Simone Laubscher

Dr Simone Laubscher

Co-Founder, Clinical Nutritionist & Naturopath
education: BSc MSc PhD of Science, Nutrition & Toxicology from UNSW, Sydney, Australia