home made easter eggs low gi

Make Your Own Healthy Easter Eggs These Holidays

After being on our Rejuv Wellness Retreat most of this month and supporting clients from all  walks of life and all beliefs, one thing is the same for all of us; we all thrive when we surrender to divine timing.

Just like the baby chicken hatching from an egg, a child being born or giving birth to a dream, the best is when we dont rush the process because anything hatched prematurely often has disastrous consequences. 

Same for our wellness journeys so we learn to enjoy the journey, trust the process and allow God and the universe to support us. I love the symbol of an egg for it encapsulates the divine feminine and the miracle of birth and creation.

Easter eggs are a symbol of new life and ‘unhatched’ potential. The egg brings hope and purity and symbolises fertility and the circle of life.

Easter is a time of transformation, to reset and allow the old to break away and establish a new elegant equilibrium in our lives.

Easter and Passover time symbolises new life, new beginnings, protection and restoration. It is also a time to remember those who have passed, be thankful for all we have, and celebrate life. 

Easter eggs celebrate all of the above, and even though sugar is not good for our overall health, I have created some yummy low GI options, for life is all about balance. 

Low GI Easter Eggs

  • Buy your Easter Egg Molds (you can even get them in silicon trays now, like ice cube trays).
  • Each egg will vary from 100g-200g on average but check your personal mould sizes. You can also decorate with sprinkles if desired, and since 90-95% of the egg is dark chocolate, a few sprinkles won’t be an issue.
  • I choose organic dark chocolate to melt and add peppermint oil essence, orange oil essence and rose water essence to reduce the bitter taste for my kids. I also use organic milk chocolate for my children with coconut sugar instead of cane sugar, creating a low GI effect.
  • I also use organic white chocolate to decorate. 
  • You can decorate with nuts or serve nuts on the side to balance the GI levels.


1. Bring a pot with water to boil. Place your chocolate in another stainless steel pot on top of the pot with boiling water to gently melt the chocolate.

2. Pour chocolate into moulds until full. I usually make a tray with one teaspoon of peppermint oil, another with one teaspoon of orange oil, and a third with two teaspoons of rose water. You can increase the amount of these flavours to suit your taste. Tap gently on the bench to release air bubbles.

3. Chill until set (usually 10-15 minutes).To remove your eggs from their moulds, squeeze the casing gently, working your way around the edge (the warmth from your hands will help). Gently remove from moulds. If you need to join moulds to make a solid shape, brush the underside of one half of the mould with a bit of extra melted chocolate and press them together.

4. To decorate with sprinkles, brush moulds with a little leftover melted chocolate and organic white chocolate to create a lovely effect. Drizzle over the top (as per this picture above). You can also decorate with edible flowers. Then roll in sprinkles to coat. Place on a tray and allow setting—store eggs in an airtight container in the fridge.

The Best Store-Bought Easter Eggs

There are also good quality store-bought Easter eggs, even if you have allergies or choose to be vegan. In the UK, the family-owned company Moo Free sells dairy-free Easter eggs. I also enjoy the Booja Booja vegan Easter Eggs, Chocolat & Divine (available at Waitrose in the UK & UAE). In Australia, Nomo offers lovely vegan options, and Green & Blacks Organic Fairtrade Chocolate Eggs are now available worldwide.

Combine Chocolate and Good Supplements

If you want to let your hair down and have the classic Easter Eggs, then take some supplements to balance your blood sugar levels, such as: 

...before any chocolate eggs, desserts, or treat meals which will minimise blood sugar spikes and reduce bloating, potential weight gain, and the ‘carb coma’ energy crash most of us get after having sugar. 

You can also add our Liver Support Capsules if the meal is fatty and or includes alcohol, for these capsules support both your liver and gallbladder to digest fats.

The most cost-effective way to purchase these products is in our Party Pack, where you will get the Immune Support Capsules and save 20% off the entire pack.

Always keep super greens as foundational support for your wellness to prevent inflammation and acid build-up and provide all you need for optimum health and immune function.