How Balancing My Blood Sugar Levels Helped Heal My Life

How Balancing My Blood Sugar Levels Helped Heal My Life

Blood sugar levels can either make or break you. When balanced, you feel mentally and physically strong. When out of balance, you feel like a slave to your emotions, and every day feels hard, as though you are walking uphill.

You also feel overwhelmed because you are always thinking about food, have to prepare snacks and get anxious about travelling, and this can be the case for you or your children.

As adults, we can usually contain our outbursts, but as a child, it is hard to determine why they feel ‘sad mad’.

Why I’m Passionate About Blood Sugar & Hypoglycemia

As a child, I had huge blood sugar issues and hypoglycaemia (or hypoglycemia). It was like  I had no ‘off switch’ with food. One bowl of pasta or piece of chocolate becomes five, leading to binge eating, which creates a surge in dopamine, allowing addictions to take hold.

Due to the shame of becoming bigger and bigger than my skinny siblings, I started eating secretly. Fast forward and being teased so much for being ‘fat’, I decided to starve myself as a teenager to fit the mould and become slim.

This was the root cause of my low self-esteem and approval addiction and why I am SO passionate about setting both adults and children free of poor blood sugar regulation, leading to eating disorders.

Each week I treat clients who have had these issues for decades. I even had a client this week in her early 40s who has been on and off with bulimia since she was 15!  This is not uncommon, and poor blood sugar regulation can act like a thief for many years of your life.

The problem is that, unlike an alcoholic, for example, who can stop drinking, you can’t stop eating. You still need to navigate this addiction and live with it each day.

But fear not, if I can do it, You can do it! I went on a quest with my University studies and used myself as the first test case so I could crack my healing code and go on to help thousands of others, adults and children alike.

Have you ever had a great week to have everything undone over the weekend? Have you ever done a detox, lost weight and felt amazing before a holiday or an event only to lose your way and find it hard to get back, ending up at square one? I understand your pain because I’ve been there; I used to live there. But I don’t anymore. 

It can be a rollercoaster to stay healthy and balance blood sugar levels. But it does not have to be. Follow my seven habits to change your lifestyle and avoid the feast-to-famine ups and downs. 

I have also created a FREE Body Balance Guide so you can get your macronutrients in balance. Many of my clients are eating healthy foods but when they combine them, they are totally wrong, causing huge blood sugar issues making it hard for them to live lean and strong.

Download our FREE Guide today!

Be Careful With Diabetic Injections 

I know it can seem difficult, and with the diabetic injections like Ozempic, Mounjaro, Wegovy and Rybelsus available these days, it seems like a great fast track, but you need to make sure you are the right candidate by doing a blood test for HbA1C. This test shows your average blood sugar level over the last three months. Taking diabetic injections, if you don’t need them, can lead to pancreatitis and cause severe side effects and health issues.

Instead, I encourage you to do our Naturopathic Home Urine Test to see if your blood sugar levels and even the HbA1C blood test are out. If your levels are out, you can take our Blood Sugar Support Capsules, which are a natural alternative to metformin (Glucophage).

If you have eating or metabolic disorders and find it difficult to lose weight, try our Metabolism Reset Pack (read the story about why I invented this pack in this blog).

Contact us if you are already on the semaglutide injections and need help weaning off whilst maintaining weight loss, as we have a protocol for that.

Habits To Stop The Blood Sugar Rollercoaster

I have ten lifestyle-changing habits that will help you get off the rollercoaster and reduce extreme behaviours that harm your mental and physical health. These changes will help balance blood sugar levels and stabilise the traction of your long-term wellbeing. No need for radical drugs or diabetic injections, just good clean science with plant based whole food supplements.

Over the past 25 years of treating clients, blood sugar irregularities have been a common imbalance that I see as the main driver in most conditions, from fertility, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, obesity, gut issues, addictions, diabetes, cancer and many others.  

This imbalance is low blood sugar or hypoglycaemia. If your blood sugar levels are out of balance, it I hard to live a balanced life. 

My Top 10 Blood Sugar Balancing Lifestyle Changing Habits

Below are the ten daily habits I follow to always be on a healthy lifestyle instead of healthy weekdays and benders on the weekend. This is how I balance blood sugar levels, and I can now always be on track and still have a treat meal, wine, and weekends guilt-free and with no desire to binge. Life is here to be enjoyed, not endured.

1. Change Your Perspective

Having a mentality of being ‘good’ on weekdays and ‘bad’ at weekends creates a binge mentality. Choose to always be on a loving wellness plan to nourish yourself instead of punishing yourself for something you did the day before. 

This allows you to still have a treat meal on weekends, alcohol if you fancy, but you break the binge-starve mentality to treat yourself with respect and love yourself into the best version of yourself.

2. Eat More Good Fats

If you don’t eat enough fats, you will always be hungry, and your blood sugar will drop more easily, creating a potential binge episode. Add avocado, nuts seeds, hummus, guacamole, olive oil, olives, nut or coconut oil, oily fish or organic goats or sheep cheese to your meals to boost the good fats to balance your mind and body.

If you find it hard to digest fats, as I used to after much yo-yo dieting, take our Rejuv Digestive Support Capsules before any good fat, especially before a treat meal giving you the added enzymes you need to digest well.

3. Move Your Body Every Day 

Choose to move your body by doing something you enjoy for 30 minutes daily.  I love walking, and it’s so easy because you can do this alone, with friends, family or pets.

Walking is especially great for blood sugar levels and stabilising insulin after meals. A simple 10-minute walk after each meal greatly balances blood sugar levels, preventing cravings and binge episodes and supporting healthy body fat and body mass index (height to weight) levels in adults and children.

4. Love Your Liver

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘angry liver, angry person’? We can all get a little ‘hangry’ with low blood sugar levels.

By supporting your liver, you will be less reactive. Foods like garlic, ginger, green veggies, bitter melon, beetroot, artichoke and lemon support a healthy liver.

5. Drink Wellness or Detox Water Daily 

Committing to this seven days a week will keep your blood sugar levels and appetite balanced, making it much easier to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Make your own Rejuv Wellness Water with lemon, sea salt, cucumber, ginger, mint and cinnamon – see all proportions in this blog and don’t forget to use a glass or stainless steel straw to protect the enamel on your teeth.

6. Boost Fibre & Heal Your Gut

Insoluble fibre from salads and vegetables will help you feel full and support your gut microbiome, promoting satiety hormones Ghrelin & Leptin. These hormones act on the hypothalamus and help you develop an ‘off switch’, balancing your blood sugar levels so food and drinks lose power over you.

As I was walking out my healing of eating disorders, I formulated the Digestive Complex Powder because I needed the fibre boost. I also had to heal my gut and boost the good bacteria, so I craved healthy foods instead of junk.

This powder was key to calming my appetite and nervous system, so I started to feel full and balanced.  To get well, I took one teaspoon in a glass of water before each meal, and now I only take 1 tsp each morning in water to keep myself in balance.

7. Spice Up Your Life

Choose more thermogenic foods such as garlic, ginger, chilli, cayenne pepper, cinnamon and spices to balance your blood sugar levels. Any sour and bitter foods, such as bitter melon, rocket green leaves, fresh cranberries, lemon, lime and green tea, are also great. If you don’t like these flavours and feel you have a sluggish metabolism, opt for our Thermo Metabolic Support Capsules, which have all you need in the ease of 2 vegan capsules each day before lunch.

8. Embrace Mindfulness

I block time by myself each morning for prayer, mindfulness and meditation. My head and heart stay grateful, and I don’t let myself get into a glass-half-empty mindset.

We now know, due to neuroscience, that it is not enough to think something you need to feel it too, so each morning and night, hold the feeling that all of your needs are met for 1 minute to the point it makes you smile. Also, at the end of each day, instead of pulling your day apart from what you didn’t do well, think about all the things you did well to celebrate all your wins and to be a great friend and cheerleader to yourself.

This practice will reduce stress, support a healthy relationship with myself and my loved ones, and stop me from getting moody or irritated. 

Your life flows when you gift this time to yourself as a tonic so you can enjoy your everyday life. See my Instagram for my favourite daily affirmations. 

9. Support Your Lymph

Your lymphatic system is vital to help you clear toxins and heavy metals so you digest better and can be less reactive to foods and your environment.

Foods such as celery, watercress, juniper berries, kelp, alfalfa, radish and hibiscus are great for your lymphatic system. If you find it hard to have these foods each day, you can take 2 of our Water Flo Capsules each night before dinner (great to prevent water retention and ‘cankles’ when flying for around that time of the month too). 

Drinking 2-3 L of water daily and cardio such as bouncing, walking, skipping and running is also wonderful to support your lymphatic system.

10. Have Fun

Live by the 80:20 rule, so one day a week, have some fun, enjoy yourself, and have no guilt! 

I recommend a guilt-free main course and dessert, and many of my clients have this all in one day or pasta on Saturday and dessert on Sunday as an example. 

Make this fit your life and personality. 

The Best Alcohol For Your Health

If you like to have a few drinks, organic red wine is best for your health. Stick to potato vodka or gin with soda water and fresh lemon or lime to reduce body fat. 

I always take 2 of our Rejuv Liver Support Capsules before I have drinks to give my body all it needs to process the alcohol with no weight gain or headache the next day.

The Fast-Track-Pack

To fast-track my healing of poor blood sugar regulation and heal my eating disorders, I developed my Thermo Metabolic Reset Pack with plant-based ingredients to boost my metabolism, balance my blood sugar levels, detox my liver and support my lymphatic system. This is what helped me get well and stay well.  You can read my full story here.

Follow Dr Simone's Body Balance Guide

Have you tried all the diets and detoxes without seeing the promised results?

The key is a lifestyle change and getting the macronutrients right so that your blood sugar levels are balanced and your body can stop craving and sabotaging your efforts to be well.

Download the Body Balance Wellness Plan for a daily plan of what to eat and drink to get lean and achieve body balance.

Next Level: Your Free Wellness Profile

If you need more supplements but are unsure where to start, take our Free Wellness Quiz to build your tailored Wellness Profile and identify the steps you need to take for your long-term wellbeing. If you need a more detailed health analysis, book a consultation or order one of the Home Urine Test Kit and Professional Analysis.