Tips For Getting Pregnant

Tips For Getting Pregnant

We have just been blessed to have Brian and Dani McFadden on our Rejuv Wellness UK Retreat, and the highlight was meeting their now two-year-old, precious little girl, Ruby, whom we helped them conceive.


Second Baby Soon To Come

The super exciting news is that they are now trying for another baby, so they are back working with us so we can help them get back into optimum health and to boost their fertility.


The Start of Our Fertility Quest

Fifteen years ago, we were told we would never have children and IVF probably wouldn’t work. Just like Brian and Dani McFadden, we had a miscarriage, and it was like a bomb of sadness, fear, and shock exploding in your heart. This ignited our quest to find the best natural way to boost fertility.

We knew we had a choice to either take the news as it was and accept defeat or dial-up our faith and dial down our fear, and as small as a 3% chance, we would believe in our miracle.

I’ll never forget my Mum and Dad all those years ago saying, ‘Well, Sim, you only need one good swimmer, and your hubby is one in a million, so God won’t bring you this far not to get your miracle!’.


Lifestyle Changes Boosted Fertility

We did all the lifestyle changes to support fertility that we’ve suggested to Brian & Dani and hundreds of couples over the years. We agreed if it didn’t work, we would adopt, so we had nothing to lose.

Like Dani once said, shift your health into optimum with your partner, embrace the journey together, and you have nothing to lose.


Rainbow Baby One, Two & Three

One year after we started trying, we fell pregnant with our son Harry, our first miracle baby! When I was still breastfeeding, we fell pregnant with Isabella, and two years later, Amelia came along! Three miracle babies in five years! Not just one rainbow baby, but three rainbow babies!


A Holistic Formula For Fertility

So what did we do? What is the formula for fertility support that we have coached others, like Brian & Dani, over the years? We are all identically different, so if you look upstream and support your 11 systems and 100 trillion cells, your body balances your imbalances.

The key is to look at our health holistically from our Rejuv 7 Pillars of Wellness. It’s like a car; you must service the engine and use good, clean fuel for maximum performance and longevity.


Fast-Track Your Fertility

To fast-track your journey, I have compiled all my fertility tips in a guide and many health hacks you can implement overnight.

DOWNLOAD Dr Simone’s Fertility Guide that she created to help couples like Dani & Brian McFadden ]


Build Your Road Map For Wellbeing

You now have a road map to put all of your 7 Pillars of Wellness into balance, and if you are not sure where to start with your pillars, do our free Wellness Quiz which gives you a Wellness Profile and tells you your top 3 Pillars of Wellness to begin working on.

I would also encourage you to do our 10-point urine test to fast-track your results and determine exactly what supplements you need to shift your health to the optimum — the best £50 you could ever spend.

This journey is personal, scary, and heartbreaking, but as Dani said, do not lose hope; get your head in the game, balance your pillars and shift into optimum health and well-being.

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